3 Simple Halloween Decorations To Make With Your Kids

simple halloween decorations(Written by Louise Blake) Halloween is a magical time for kids – between the costumes and facepaints there are copious amounts of sweets and great scary games to play.

One great way to get them in the Halloween spirit is to make some simple Halloween decorations to spooky up your house before the day.

  • Flying Bats

Super easy and quick to make, why not try making an entire bat cave of these creepy critters? All you need is a simple, symmetrical bat template, scissors, clear nylon thread or fishing wire and as much black card as you like.

Simply trace around your bat template onto the black card with pencil or white chalk, cut out (you may need to help little ones with scissors) and fold gently in half along the body to create a more realistic shape.

Poke two small holes along the crease with a pin, one in the ‘head’, one in the bottom of the body, and thread through some clear thread. Tie off to secure, and then hang from the ceiling – you can add some googly eyes too if you like!

  • Floating Ghosts

How about some floating ghosties to adorn your party room? For these you’ll just need some white balloons, white cloth (old bed sheets work well), a dab of PVA and either helium or some clear nylon thread.

Simply blow up the balloons, or use helium to inflate them if you want them to bob around the room. Cut squares of cloth big enough to cover the balloon and drape down a bit, and then secure onto the balloon with a good blob of PVA on the top of the balloon or some double sided sticky tape.

Draw on a scary face with permanent marker, and if you didn’t use helium, attach a length of thread to the top of your ghost (through the cloth only – don’t burst that balloon!) and attach to the ceiling.

If you want to make these into amazing glowing ghosts, simply snap a glowstick (try to find 8 hour glow ones) and place in the balloon before you blow it up.

  • Gravestones

A great creepy craft to do with your whole family, why not create funny gravestones for everyone in the household? All you need is some corrugated cardboard (raid the local supermarket for produce boxes), a craft knife, some grey paint and a black marker.

Simply draw out gravestone shapes on the cardboard – you may want to use a ruler or template – and cut out with a craft knife, making sure the kids aren’t around when you do this.

Then paint the gravestones with grey paint – poster paint works well if you have little ones, though using spraypaint is faster, and leave to dry in a well ventilated space. When they’re dry, write your names and a creative epitaph – go as silly, gory or funny as you like; and then blue tack along a wall.

Now, carve that jack o’lantern and you’re ready for Halloween! And after all that effort you’ve put in maybe your little ones will even get some Halloween gifts for mum?!

What decorations do you like to make with your kids for Halloween?

* Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

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About the author: Louise Blake is a blogger obsessed with Halloween, and is determined to make it the best 31st October ever for her little man!

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