4 Ideas For Decorating A Child’s Bedroom

kids bedroom ideas(Written by Elena Morgan) All parents and grandparents want the best for their little ones, therefore designing and decorating a child’s bedroom takes careful planning. From vintage charm to contemporary children’s decor, there are a wide range of furnishings and bedroom accessories to create a comfortable bedroom for your child. To help you get started, here are some of the trends in kids’ bedroom design that may inspire you.

  • Custom Beds and Bookcases

Children quickly grow into teenagers, therefore the bedroom design you choose should be adaptable to their needs. One of the most functional ways to do this is by building custom beds and bookcases into the bedroom itself. This can be either single beds or multiple bunk style beds that can be built into a corner of the room. By adding a bed and bookcase this way, your children will have plenty of room for other activities, such as a pretend and tea parties, or building spaces for little imaginations. Affix recessed lights with soft lighting above each bed for those nights when you want to read storybooks.

  • Adjustable Storage Beds and Cabinets

Kids’ rooms are prone to collect many items from clothes to playthings. Therefore, your children’s’ bedroom will need plenty of out-of-sight storage spaces to maintain order. Try beds that have built-in drawers and cabinets, which come in a variety of styles and finishes to match many bedroom themes. Give your children’s’ closet an organizing system, complete with a built in cabinet or dresser to house shoes, toys, and even a television set for watching their favorite programs.

  • Bright Fun Bedroom Colors

To make your children’s’ bedroom a fun place to dream, make sure to incorporate plenty of bright colors on walls, bedding, windows, and floors. Try a tri-color combination starting with one wall painted in a complementary color to an adjoining wall. Then paint door and window trim in the third color. Match these colors to cheery bedding ensembles in fun kid-friendly prints and fabrics. Choose simple window coverings that are safe for children, in lead-free finishes for window blinds and shades. Top this off with soft lampshades and complete the look with a colorful rug at each child’s bed.

  • Personalized Children’s Bedrooms

Your children will feel extra special when you take the time to personalize their new bedroom. Start by stenciling your children’s’ names on the headboard of their bed, or just above their bed on the wall. Then add a bed quilt or special pillowcase with their favorite theme or printed pictures of them. Frame the artwork that your children create in colorful frames and hang them in collages on the wall, or pin to a special bulletin board affixed above a small art table or desk in the room. Let your children express their innermost selves through these displays, which will become keepsakes as they mature.

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About the author: The article was posted by Elena Morgan and she reviews modern home furnishings. In her free time, she loves spending time with her two adorable children.

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