5 Hobbies For Kids To Build Your Child’s Confidence

(Written by Oliver M.) Children can suffer from low self-esteem caused by a number of factors; the most common is being bullied at school or not being accepted by the other children in their class. Every child is unique and you cannot mould them or force them to be accepted at school, but you can encourage them to take up a hobby where they can build their confidence and believe in their abilities.

Musical Instruments

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Some children are not sporty children, but they can excel at other hobbies such as music. From learning to play the guitar to the piano, once they can see their progress, their confidence will begin to soar. The advantage to your child is they can dream; plan to start a band one day as they get to know the other children that are musically inclined. This means that as their abilities in music improve, they will start making new friends with the same interests, which in turn boost their confidence even further.

Team Sports

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Team sports are a wonderful way for children to build positive relationships, believe in their abilities and make new friends. From the fun soccer game to the hockey match, any sport your child is interested in should be encouraged.

You may find that the sports they are interested in are not offered by the school, find out from your local community centre, often they have sporting groups for children and they may offer the team sport your child has a passion for. Remember to always concentrate on their ability in the game and not on whether the team won or lost.

Solo Sports

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Lone sports, if you can to call them that, can also be a big confidence booster from cycling to snowboarding and running to swimming. These sports offer children the ability to see their progression, regular exercise also helps build self-esteem through them being able to manage their progress and see that they are improving.

Sports are not only a wonderful outdoor activity where you child can benefit from the fresh air, but they can believe in their ability and increase their confidence if they keep with the sport on a regular basis.

Volunteer Work

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Volunteer work can make a huge impact in an adult’s life and this also applies to older children and teenagers. It will boost their confidence whether they are helping out in the local children’s hospital or if they are heading to the animal shelter to give a helping hand. Being able to help others immediately helps build confidence, some children enjoy helping the elderly in their area with shopping and other chores. Some help paint fences and mow lawns and some head to the centres where they need volunteers to help with various tasks.


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 If your child is a complete introvert and you cannot get them to join a team sport or do volunteer work as they are so shy, it’s time to start that vegetable patch or flower bed you have been thinking of adding to the garden. As the garden begins to flourish thanks to the work of your child they will start to gain confidence in their ability, slowly you will notice their confidence improve in what they are able to do.

Do you think it’s ever too early to introduce your children to any hobbies? Let us know what you think below.

About the author: Oliver writes for family-friendly hotel provider. His main interests are in using technology and sensible advice to make our lives (especially those of parents!) easier, and his writing often reflects this. Thanks to Alton-towers-breaks for this guide – check them out if you’re planning a family trip in the UK.


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