5 Tips To Help You Save Big For Back To School

(Written by Rachelle Millican) School is starting soon and your kids are getting excited about the new school year. They get to have new clothing, school supplies, back packs and all other kinds of new items. As excited as they may get about the new school year some parents get even more excited about the cost of supplying them with everything they will need. Here are some tips to keep your costs down with back to school shopping and helping save your child money in the future.

  • Get the Best Deals on Text Books

If you have to buy textbooks this year, then you know that the cost of buying books is more expensive than buying clothes. One text book can easily cost over a hundred dollars. To help keep the cost down for school supplies consider checking it out from the library. Your school may actually have a few copies on hand that are just waiting for students to check them out. Check with your school to see if they have copies that you can use.

  • Shop Online

Some websites and stores can help keep your costs down by letting your rent the equipment that you need. Some of the items that you can rent include books, computers, musical instruments and other big ticket items. Before renting the item you will want to weigh the cost of renting verses buying. In some cases it may cost more to rent than buy.

  • Protect Your Family

Consider setting up an account for you and your family with Lifelock, an identity theft company that specializes in actively protecting and monitoring your identity from people who would steal your valuable information. Your child can benefit from not having to deal with a stolen identity and the hassle of reclaiming their name. A thief that gets a hold of you child’s information can destroy their credit long before it starts.

  • Sell Textbooks Back

After you have bought your school items you may want to take the effort to keep it nice. Some companies will actually buy your books and equipment back from you if you keep it looking nice. The way it works is that they make you an offer and often will pay for shipping. All you have to do is accept the offer and ship the item to them.

  • Watch out for Sales

Make sure to shop where the prices are the cheapest. Major retailers will often print and publish their deals weeks before school starts. Take the time to shop at the stores with the deals. You will be able to save a lot of money by taking your time and waiting for the deals.

The new school year does not have to cost you a bunch of money. Check out Retail Me Not for discounts and coupons on services and products you can get from stores and companies like Target.com or LifeLock. Take the time and set up a plan to get everything that your child needs to start the year off right. Be sure to follow the five top ways to save money and you will see the savings in the end.

About the author: This article was posted by Rachelle Millican who is obsessed with traveling and loves finding the best deals and plans. When she is not writing she is taking pictures of her surroundings.


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