Abracadabra Alakazam: Throwing A Magic Party with a Bang!

Abracadabra (Written by Cathy John and Edited by Elle Yi) Everybody knows that magic is cool. Ever since the silver screen arrival of a certain tousle-haired wizard back in 2001, magic parties have been all the rage. They’re quirky, they’re exciting and they’re not all that difficult to pull off. If the idea of throwing a magic themed bash for your little ones seems like an impossible task, don’t worry – it won’t be as stressful as you think.

If you follow these simple tips, you’ll sail through the organisation and the hosting of your children’s first magic party. Your guests will be enthralled and amazed, right up until the point at which you send them home with tired eyes and faces covered in chocolate. Plus, you’ll be the best mum or dad in the world – for a few days at least.

  • Invitations

Sit your little one down in front of the computer and allow them to design their own invitations. It will give them a sense of ownership and make them feel like a part of the process. Involving a child in this way can be very effective – children who feel like they’ve had a hand in organising an event will be less likely interrupt it with poor behaviour. Websites like Ballisticblue.com can help children to design invitations that have a personal touch. Make sure to include lots of rabbits, lots of black top hats and lots of magic wands.

  • Hire A Magician : Abracadabra Alakazam

AbracadabraA hired magician isn’t an absolute necessity for a successful magic party, but it can be a very effective addition. Ehow.com expert Wayne Kawamoto suggests that a hired magician be both professional and flexible. He or she should have no problem quickly changing or adapting their act for a young audience. A show should be kept to a maximum of about 40 minutes, as magic tricks do take a lot of concentration – especially for small children.

If you can’t afford the cost of a hired entertainer, there’s nothing to stop you from donning the white gloves and hat yourself. You can simply purchase the Magic Science Kit. Also, websites are full of child-friendly magic tricks that you can learn in minutes. Do remember that young children won’t really know the difference between a well performed trick and a clumsy one. Don’t worry about being perfect – just have fun.

  • Magic Decorations

Again, these don’t have to be complicated or expensive. Pick a colour scheme (red, white and black seems to work best) and use it to decorate your venue. Plonk a toy top hat with a stuffed rabbit in it on your dining table. Scatter playing cards on the floor and tie brightly coloured scarves to the ceiling, if you haven’t got enough streamers to cover the whole room.

  • Tasty Treats

Cut sandwiches into the shape of rabbits, top hats and even magic wands. Edible ‘wands’ can even be made from cookie dough that has been shaped and then baked. Soft drinks can be given a truly magical flair with the addition of ‘popping candy’ before serving. Imagine how flabbergasted a room full of seven year olds are going to be if you hand them all a drink of juice that’s fizzing like a little volcano! When it comes to cake – feel free to get creative. If you don’t have much talent for baking, it could be a good idea to pre-order a cake. If you do, it’s time to unleash your magic side. A rabbit shaped cake served with ice cream is a sure-fire winner.

  • Games

Traditional party games are still suitable for a magic themed bash. Instead of ‘sleeping lions,’ try sleeping rabbits. Or how about ‘pass the magic parcel?’ Every person who gets caught with the parcel must stand up and perform one of the magic tricks that they were taught earlier in the day. This is a guaranteed way to get everybody giggling. You could even encourage guests to read each others fortunes. Give them a demonstration first, making it as silly as possible and then let them run wild with the idea. For example, ‘I predict that you Susie, are going to be riding a big pink elephant with green ears and a mouth made of pizza. He’ll be called Snowy and he’ll live in your garden.’

If all else fails and attentions are waning, stick a Harry Potter film on – that’ll keep em’ quiet whilst you and their parents polish off that bottle of rose.

About the author: Cathy John is a staff writer who is associated with some kids blogs and she loves to write articles on Kids and their activities. In her free time she spend fun time with her niece by cooking , planing parties for them. She recently arranged a Magic Party with the help of DNA Kids and had a great time with all.

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