Getting Your Child Ready To Start School: Tips For School Readiness

IMG_0907(Written by Ben Blanchard) Just a minute ago, you were bringing your baby home for the very first time. In the blink of an eye, your child is getting ready to go to school for the first time. You might feel nervous about sending your kid away to school for the day, but you will be doing him or her a great favor by providing the proper preparation for school. Above all, it is important to stay positive and keep practicing with your child to boost confidence. Here are some tips for school readiness on preparing for school.

How to get ready for school?

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The Magic Of Music In The Lives Of Our Children

magic of music

Watch them learn and grow as the magic of music brings joy and new sensory experiences to their little lives.

(Written by Carrie Thompson) Music is an incredibly powerful force in our lives. An exquisite symphony inspires awe. An upbeat rock tune makes us want to get up and dance. A familiar lullaby brings back vivid childhood memories. A good choice of background music makes us cry during an emotional scene in a movie. We experience the power of music daily as adults, so it should be no surprise to us that music is equally powerful for our children. Although, it affects them somewhat differently.

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Encouraging Social Skills For Kids At Home

social skills for Kids(Written by Elle Yi and David Zielinski)  Kids need many opportunities to play with their friends and go on trips with their families. Now is the time to put away the cell phones and video games and shut off the computers and televisions. Children have to learn how to talk to one another by playing games and having conversations. This allows them to learn how to improve their reciprocal conversational skills and read non-verbal body cues.  Also, Attending extracurricular activities and organized team sports are also beneficial. Our children will learn how to cooperate and become a team player. These skills are very important as they mature and need to work together as they go onto the next grade.

Success in school is evaluated not only by academic success but also success in the social realm.  Kids need to develop positive experiences at school. The 16 social skills for kids are as follows: [Read more…]

How To Protect Your Kids Online

How To Protect Your Kids Online(Written by Jonas Harris) In this rapidly evolving world, there’s no stopping your kids from being exposed to the World Wide Web. But while everyone could benefit from the abundance of information that is being offered by the internet, we are also bombarded by all sorts of negativity at all fronts in the cyberspace.

Not only is there a huge number of pornographic sites that could be accessed in a click of a mouse, but cyber bullying and online predators masquerading as harmless adolescents are also very real threats. So how can you protect your children from these harms? [Read more…]

Meditation for Kids: How Does It Help in Improving Self-Awareness

Meditation for Kids

Meditation For Kids: Parents Turn To Mindfulness Practices To Help Children Stay Calm

(Written by Elle Yi and Jeremy Coutcher) Everyday events can result in some children and adults to experience anxiety. When anxious, our body enters a state called the fight-or-flight response that releases chemicals that prepare us to either deal or flee from the event. Immediate symptoms included a reduced ability to think clearly, sweating, tensing of muscles, etc. There are many things we can teach our children to do when they are experiencing anxiety.

1. Deep Breathing- Breathe in slowly and hold breath for 5-10 seconds.

2. Imagery- Think about some of your favorite places or a situation that’s calm to you. Some examples are being on the beach, relaxing at home with a friend, or playing with a pet.

3. Muscle and Mind Relaxation- Tense each muscle and the release the tension. You will notice the feeling of relief in your body.

These strategies can help you and your child deal with situations that may cause anxiety. Empowering your child will help them today and in the future! [Read more…]

7 Creative & Frugal Ways To Reward Kids

reward kids with a chart(Written by Abby Blackburn) Sometimes it can be difficult thinking of ways to reward children for their angelic behaviour, to ensure the little devil in them does not make an appearance. Having a budget to consider can also make rewarding your children a tricky business, because, let’s face it, bringing up children is expensive. Whether you’re a parent or a teacher, here are some tips on how to reward children for their good behaviour, that won’t leave you bankrupt. Here are seven fun and creative ways that teachers and parents can reward kids.

Positive Parenting: Reward Kids’ Good Behavior

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Teaching Social Skills: Self-Control For Kids

teaching social skills(Written by Jessica Klein) Self-control refers to having power or control over one’s own actions. Children who do not make choices for their own behavior, but instead rely on other children, parents, teachers, or adults to make choices for them, do not learn self-control.

These children may follow others’ bad choices and not take responsibility for the consequences of their behavior. If students are taught self-control at an early age, then they will feel more confident about the choices that they do make. [Read more…]

Quotes On Parenting With Special Needs Kids

quotes about special needs children (Written by Orla Kelly) When I became a parent of a special needs child, nothing could prepare me for the emotional rollercoaster I would find myself on, a sea of ever changing emotions and quick sand I would step on every now and then that seemed to engulf me and I would feel like I was drowning. The worst part was I never knew if I should ask for help or just wish I would die.

Having spoken to many other parents of special needs children, there are so many things we all have in common regardless of social or financial circumstances, race, religion or demographics. The loneliness and isolation you feel when you first get a diagnosis and then and thereafter the level of emotions covering denial, anger, grief and depression. After what may seem like an eternity; you learn to laugh again, accept what is, become more spiritually aware and find the inner strength for empowerment. [Read more…]

Why You Should Invest Yourself In Your Child’s Creativity

Child's Creativity(Written by Kate Carson and Edited by Elle Yi) A child’s creativity and imagination are truly unbounded and unrestricted when they are young. Their brains are still developing and being molded at that age, creating a foundation that will be built upon for many years to come.

Parenting Tips For Toddlers’ Creativity

This is why there are so many experts that recommend that parents allow their children to freely express their creativity, when it comes to the different activities that they do within their home. Parents should also be encouraged to search for other ways that they can further enhance that creativity overall. Here are several ways that this can be accomplished.

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Tips For Encouraging Your Children To Read More Books

inspirational parenting quotes(Written by Connie Smith) The problem of attracting children’s attention and interest towards books becomes more and more serious when it comes to their education. Nowadays, books have two main competitors – the TV and the computer, and the constant technological innovations such as smartphones, tablets and so on, do not make things easier, because they attract the attention of both children and adults with their brightness and great variety of programs.

 And when it comes to books, it is the other way round. Of course, there are plenty of children’s books that have really pretty pictures corresponding to the story told there, but the problem is that children can’t be aware of that fact if parents don’t reveal the magical world of books. When children are learning how to read, they are gradually learning how see pictures with their insight. TV and computers make things much simpler, because these products block imagination. [Read more…]