Why Teach Sign Language For Babies?

baby sign language.jpg(Written by Pammy Ewell) Sign language for babies is becoming increasingly popular among parents and carers as it helps to improve communication and interaction with their young children. Babies can convey how they feel and learn to express themselves through their actions and how they respond to movements.

This can help alleviate frustration caused by a lack of understanding of their needs and enhance their communication skills which have been proven beneficial as they grow older. It is definitely worth spending quality time with your baby from an early age to help them develop and it can be great fun too.

  • Why Teach Sign Language for Babies?

Teaching our babies sign language at an early age has many benefits. As our children grow and adapt to their environment, they are constantly learning from the things they see and hear. Your child can quickly understand signs and gestures that you use, and then start to actually use them themselves.

If we start teaching sign language to babies at a young age, then this can only increase their self-esteem and aid their development. They will have more time to master and be familiar with the signs their parents show.

  • The Advantages of Baby Sign Language

Parents are naturally keen for their children to learn to talk as soon as possible but it can take many months for their speech to develop. Speaking directly to a child certainly helps their babies understand them, however, in taking the time to teach their baby sign language, they’ll be able to communicate and bond with the baby from a much earlier age.

The research suggests that the baby’s mental development will also start earlier. Since sign language is a structured activity, it stimulates the baby’s brain and it paves the way for easier verbal communication. It’s even proved by studies that babies who sign have a larger vocabulary when they start to talk.

Baby sign language is definitely beneficial for you and your baby. It is well known that babies who are stimulated from a very young age are much more likely to be able to express themselves clearly as they get older and their cognitive development is certainly improved.

About the author: Pammy Ewell is an enthusiastic writer, and often uses blogs and forums to share her views with others. She particularly enjoys discussing her experiences on parenting, child development and using baby sign language as a way to promote cognitive development form an early age.

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