The Ultimate Kid’s Birthday Party In Your Own Garden

(Written by Estelle Page and Elle Yi) Most children love birthday parties – it’s the ultimate way for a kid to feel special on their birthday, and one of the few chances they get to see all of their friends outside of school.

Oh, and get lots of presents (we all know kids love that…)

Throwing your son or daughter the perfect backyard birthday party needn’t be expensive. If they’re lucky enough to be a summer baby, why not take the party outside and transform your own garden into a wonderful birthday haven of fun and games?

Here’s how…

Photo Courtesy of APM Alex

1.       Decorations

With a bit of time and effort you can transform even the most drab of gardens into an amazing party venue.

Here are some of my top tips:

  • Put balloons on ribbon strings, tie them together in great big bunches and attach them to each corner of your garden – and why not fill them with glitter before you blow them up!?
  • String bunting or ‘Happy Birthday’ ribbons around the edge of your garden (and on the front door too, so guests can spot the party easily!)
  • Hang decorations from the trees – if you’re on a budget, just raid your Christmas box and pick out all the silver, star shaped baubles you can find! Fairy lights are also great for older kids who might stay outdoors until it starts to get dark.


Photo Courtesy of Ella Novak

2.       Food

For a cheap, simple fix that all kids will love, stick to the traditional party food options – think cocktail sausages, miniature sandwiches, party rings, jelly and ice-cream!

Remember to have at least one vegetarian option on offer in case your child has vegetarian friends.

If you don’t have enough furniture outside to host a party feast and don’t want to have your carpets inside trampled on by a hoard of muddy little feet, why not have a picnic?

All you need is a waterproof table cloth or two down on the ground (patterned ones work best), some good grub and the kids will tuck in!


Photo Courtesy of Peasap

3.       Games

No kid’s birthday party is complete without some party games!

Again, traditional favourites will never go out of favour, especially with younger kids.

Musical Chairs

Get out the folding metal garden furniture you normally save for camping and set them up in a ring – the kids go round the outside whilst you play a tune. When the music stops they then rush to sit down!

Remove one chair each round and the child left standing is out and the final one sitting wins a prize.

Hint: If you don’t have enough chairs, musical bumps is a great alternative – when the music stops, the kids sit down and the last one to do so it out.

Pass the Parcel

An absolute classic!

First, buy a prize that any of the guests would love (if you have boys and girls coming, stick to chocolate or a unisex toy), then wrap it in multiple layers of gift wrapping. The kids sit in a ring and pass the parcel around whilst you play music – when it stops, whoever is holding it gets to unwrap one layer!

Hint: Pop a small prize such as a lollipop in each layer, so that every child gets something. As the adult, you can also be sneaky and make sure to stop the music at least once for each child so no one feels left out!

It also helps to alternate the gift-wrap you use on each layer, so that kids don’t accidently go ripping through 2 or 3 layers at once.


birthday party ideasThis Spanish game is a favourite with kids around the world. You’ll need to buy the piñata (unless your papier mâché skills world class of course) but they’re pretty easy to get hold of.

It’s basically a colourful toy (usually shaped like a donkey) filled with sweets that you string up on a tree, then give the kids a soft baseball bat and let them take turns at hitting it. A good quality piñata is designed to release a few sweets with each hit!

Have you got any other good tips for throwing a successful kid’s garden birthday party?

I’m all ears!

About the author: Estelle Page is a thirty-something mother of two. She loves Capital Gardens, where you can buy garden decorations or even a paddling pool to complete the party!

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