Birthday Party Ideas For Under 10’s: How To Learn & Have Fun

birthday party ideas(Written by Stephanie Stevenson) Children love parties: fact. Each child wants their party to be the best out of all their friends. Sure, there are lots of things you can do. You can go bowling, trampolining, or even have a meal out. Everyone does that!

Some of the best parties are thrown in your own home, and here are some fabulous birthday party ideas so you can throw your child a party their friends will love, and their parents will want to replicate.

  • Ancient Egyptians Party

Young ones always find the Egyptians fascinating, mainly because they wrote in hieroglyphs and built the pyramids. This theme can be set up in the comfort of your own home or garden. To throw an Ancient Egyptians party, set up a fun but educational treasure hunt. It is an excellent way to tie a few different activities together, and you can create your own treasure hunt map on the computer.

Have signs on doors in your home, or pinned to parts of the fence outside, saying things such as ‘King Tut’s Tomb’ and ‘The Mummy’s Layer’ and set up a different activity in each area. For one activity, buy some small plastic toys, such as beetles, tiny pyramids, and plastic gems, and hide them in a paddling pool filled with play sand. Have the children search through the play sand for one of each artefact. On the treasure map, have information on what each item is, for example, “The Gem represents that the Egyptians were buried with all their wealth and worldly goods.”

You could also have a pop-up tent set up where the child has to wrap themselves up like a mummy. They can do this with cheap toilet roll. In another area, set up a little table and chairs, and put the hieroglyphic alphabet on the table so the children can write their own name using this ancient language.

Play musical chairs with Arabian music between pauses, and serve triangular shaped snacks such as Doritos or pizza slices, or even cheese triangles to complete your theme.

  • Garden Games Party

When the weather is nice, make the most of it and host a party in your garden! There are loads of fabulous things you can do, whether you have a yard or a lawn. Put out some children’s educational toys or games, or even make your own.

Matching games are so easy to set up and can be a real challenge, but why not play with a difference? Take some ‘pairs’ floor puzzles, or make your own ‘matching pairs game’. For example, in younger children you may choose animals, and have half of the puzzle being a pig, and the other half saying ‘oink’, or for older children, the second half may say ‘I am pink, I live on a farm, and if you eat me, its called pork. What am I?’ For each pair, hide half of it in the garden, and put half into a bag. Tell the children that the one who makes the most pairs wins the game. At the end, go through all the pairs to make sure they are right, then give the winner a small prize.

Try the Matchbox game too. Give each child a matchbox, or a small container, and get them to collect 10 different items from around the garden. These items must all fit in the container. Then, get everyone together and compare findings. This will keep them busy for ages, and helps them to learn more about the environment they live in.

Why not make a fancy dress theme, and get the children to come as things they might find in the garden, like a bumblebee, a ladybird, or a flower?

  • Ideas for other themes

Why not come up with your own themes and ideas? Children love making a mess, so why not throw a party based on science experiments? Make your own erupting volcano is always a mega success, or you can have a look online for more inspiration.

One of the best things you can do is involve a few of the other parents to govern the activities and encourage the children to think further and challenge their developing minds. Nobody says learning has to be boring, and combining it with a party is the perfect way to disguise a bit of sneaky education.

About the author: Stephanie is a writer, mummy, chief cook and bottle washer. She really loves writing, particularly about her parenting experiences, but also employment issues, financial journalism and interior design to name but a few topics. She lives in the sunny North East with her son Jack and husband Christopher.

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