Cashless Catering: The Future of School Payments

cashless catering school system(Written by Laura McGreary in U.K) Lunch money; a hassle for ALL parents! Most parents find themselves forgetting to get cash out or having a purse or wallet full of notes and no change. If you’re children aren’t at school yet, you’ve got all this to come! So, please, tell us there is something that can make lunch money hassle a thing of the past.

Well, you’re in luck! Parents of children in schools and parents of children about to make the step up to primary school will be thrilled to find out that scrambling around for change for lunch money can be a thing of the past thanks to cashless catering.

Cashless catering systems allow schools to offer parents a convenient way to purchase lunch for their children by topping up lunch money accounts rather than dealing with cash or sending cheques into the school.

Similarly, it takes a lot of the responsibility away from the child, something many of them are too young to cope with, especially in the early years. Unfortunately we’re all aware of what can happen at schools with bullys taking advantage of younger, more vulnerable children and taking their lunch money away from them. By using cashless catering systems, your child would never have to take money or cheques in to the school again so you can rule out this risk – piece of mind for any parent I’m sure.

So, how do cashless catering systems work? It’s simple! Parents can pre-pay their account online and continue to top up their balance whenever they like. Children then choose their meal and when they pass through the appointed cashless till the cost of the meal is deducted from their balance. Cashless catering systems will also remind parents to top up when their balance falls to a low amount. Easy peasy and absolutely no fuss!!

This innovative solution makes life easier for both schools and parents and gives parents peace of mind. Some cashless catering systems will even allow parents to view menu details and see what meals their child is choosing! Perfect for checking whether or not your kids are eating well.

As a parent, even if your child doesn’t attend school yet, you’ll definitely be thinking about the day they start and wouldn’t it be great if your child’s school did everything possible to make your life easier?

The article, Cashless Catering was Posted by Laura McGreary in U.K who is a specialist in the fields of parenting and technology.

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