Outdoor Team Games for Kids: Infographic

school recess(Written by Susann Goddard) Here are some super fun outdoor games for kids. They are great for school time play, for brothers and sisters, and for nurseries and playgroups. Childhood outdoor games are fantastic way for young children to bond with each other, get some exercise, and learn about cooperation and teamwork.

Many reports suggest that children simply don’t get enough exercise, so here are 6 great outdoor games to get them active. The six games featured in this graphic are Hot Potato, Bonfire!, Spider and Flies, Sticky Toffee, Shopping Baskets, and Relays. With summer just around the corner, there’s no better time of year to encourage your kids to get outside and have some fun.

The key to making kids want to play outdoors is to make sure they have lots of exciting forms of outdoor play accessible to them. That’s why these games use a host of props to make outdoor play more enjoyable, including beanbags, grab balls, hoops, foam balls, cones and quits. The fun never stops!

childhood outdoor gamesAbout the author: Susann Goddard is a former nursery teacher turned work-at-home mum who loves to work with children and get them playing outdoors. She  recommends Daviessports.co.uk for all your outdoor kids sports and games equipment.

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