How To Get The Whole Family In The Cleaning Responsibilities

Cleaning With Kids (Written by July Minor) We all want our homes to be sparkling-clean, tidy and beautiful. However, the families who have children and especially the mothers know how difficult it is to maintain the house in order. Sometimes cleaning becomes a mission impossible even if there is a washing-machine, a dishwasher, a dryer, a vacuum cleaner, etc. After all, we need a lot of time and a children- and pets-free place, which as a matter of fact happens very rarely.

So, how can you deal with the mess at home? One of the ways to handle the domestic cleaning is to call and book a special cleaning company that will send some professional cleaners every now and then. You can also get a house-maid but not every one can actually afford to have one. In such cases the best thing you can do is trying to make the house cleaning easier of you and get the whole family in the cleaning responsibilities. It is time you include your husband and children in cleaning and organizing your home. This way you will not only get the results faster than usual but you will also teach the members of your family to discipline and order.

How to make your children help?

As we have already said before, getting the children in the cleaning responsibilities is useful because this way they become more responsible. What are the easiest way to make your children help? Here are some ideas.

Step 1: Do not make them do it, because this way they will be even more reluctant to help than usual. Try to make the cleaning process a game. This will be way more efficient and children usually like it better. Of course, the smaller your children are, the harder they will really help you. The most important thing is that you are helping them make some habits.

Step 2: Getting the toys out of the way. Start with something simple. Try to explain them that it is important to put their toys in order. Show them how to do that properly and help them at the beginning until they start doing that themselves.

Step 3: Inspection. Try to realize the fact that you will have to go and see if the job is properly done. Of course, most times, especially they are little, our children do not really help and we need to go and do the chores once again. However, do not laugh or make accusations. On the contrary – praise your children for the job they’ve done and give them more complex tasks. The most important thing is to make them willing to help you with the house cleaning chores.

How to make your partner help?

Making a man help with the housework is not an easy task. It is not simple, but at least it is not impossible. Here are some easy steps that will help you get to the main goal – getting some help from your partner.

Step 1: Make a list what you need to be done. Start with doing the laundry, sweeping and washing the floor, and vacuuming. Think of all weekly chores and include them in your list and then during the week you can write down who did what. Moreover, if you do that each and every one of you will know what they are responsible for.

Step 2: Define your chores as easy, medium and difficult. Try to think of how much time you usually spend on each chore and how often you need to do it. When making the list take into account all the things that can make your cleaning easier. For example, buy a new vacuum cleaner, or even better – make your husband buy it himself. This will make him believe that he has done something important for the well-being of the whole family.

Step 3: Ask for help. If you don’t do that, your husband will not realize that you need some. Don’t be afraid to confess that you can’t deal with the home cleaning all by yourself and ask him help you.

About the author: July Minor works for HouseCleanLondon. She is a mother of two lovely children and has an experience as a professional cleaner. In her spare time she loves to stay at home and write. 

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