Three Great Ways To Get Kids Active In The Kitchen

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(Written by Daniel Travis Brown) Being a parent sure can be tricky from time to time, and finding new ways to keep young ones active and interested in physical, rewarding tasks is becoming increasingly difficult during this age of ‘games and gadgets’.

Getting the young ones involved in little projects and jobs early on is a great way to engage them mentally and help build confidence and understanding by giving them a sense of achievement. Here are three useful but very different ideas for jobs you and the kids can get messy in the kitchen with! Remember to get their help with the tidying up too!

  • Crafts

The amount of great kid’s craft sets are fantastic, most of which can get very messy indeed, making the kitchen table or worktop the idea place to play with them. Small projects such as these are great fun, but also good for getting familiar with completing projects, using equipment and being delicate with crafts such as painting eggs or model building.

Creating decorations at Christmas or other seasonal celebrations is another great way to interest kids in crafts. You can create wall and tree decorations and then hang them together for all the family to see!

  • Baking

Baking with your child can be fantastic fun for both of you; you can bake a whole bunch of delicious treats and teach them about safety in the kitchen too.

There are a ton of child-friendly recipes for kids out there (especially if you both have a sweet tooth!) as well as cupcake baking sets, cookie cutting kits and more. Plus, with the latest craze in cooking made popular by shows such as ‘The Great Bake Off’, young ones will be thrilled by making fancy cakes, pies and tarts!

Be sure to fix your young one up with a kids apron, as things can get a little bit messy, especially if they rush to lick the spoon while nobody’s looking!

  • Washing Up

Keeping your stylish kitchen in good condition is very important, so getting a little extra help from young ones can do you both some good!

This may not seem like a particularly fun task to get young ones involved with, but adding a little too much washing up liquid to create lots of bubbles can turn a boring kitchen sink into a fun environment for kids. Another great way to keep them interested is to get them some fun rubber gloves to wear; these gloves are available in a wide range of colours and patterns, and letting them pick their own will ensure they look forward to putting them on. Be sure to keep the water in the sink at a suitable temperature for their sensitive hands and make sure they do have a go at both cleaning the pots and drying with a dishcloth after.

As kids approach the end of primary/elementary school, washing the dishes can be a good task to set them to earn extra pocket money. Getting them involved in this at a young age will ensure they will feel comfortable with this later on.

About the author: Blogger Daniel Travis Brown loves to bake and make with his young sister Jenna, as well a get her involved in the cleaning and tidying afterwards! Find Dan on Twitter @DanTravisBrown for links to new posts and more tips!

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