Creative Ideas for Halloween Snacks

halloween snacksWhat do you eat on Halloween? Lots of candy, of course. But what if you’re hosting a dinner party on the day of the holiday? You can’t just serve candy and cupcakes for dinner, so you’ll need to get creative when cooking for Halloween snacks. Here are some ideas how to bring your courses from standard to spooky.

  • Alarming Appetizers

Start off your Halloween on an eerie note with an appetizer spread that’ll both disturb and fascinate your dinner guests.

The color green reminds people of witches’ faces, boiling cauldrons, and ooze. Add some green to your appetizers to heighten the macabre tone of the night. Try avocado — its strong green color makes it a great choice for Halloween. Make guacamole and add black beans and then serve it with dark blue corn chips. Call it Sewage Dip or Swamp Monster Goop. Or make deviled eggs with avocado instead of mayonnaise and add food coloring to make it even more green. Freaky!

Maybe your guests would like some tasty severed fingers? Shape bread stick dough to resemble fingers and then add a nut or a piece of cheese at the ends to act as fingernails. You could make smaller bread sticks and call them toes. Dip almonds in color dye to make them red or pink and call them Lady Fingers. Add a small bowl of bloody marina sauce to dip the fingers in. Now that’s just creepy.

  • Mysterious Meat Dishes

Presentation is key when you’re cooking meat for your Halloween dinner.

Ground beef is an excellent choice for Halloween, because you can shape them into unsettling shapes. Use pasta to help you add finishing touches. What about creating mice out of ground beef and adding pasta to act like their whiskers and tails? Or you could wrap thick noodles around a log of meat loaf, add olive slices as eyes, and voila, you have a mummy for your guests to feast on. Don’t forget the tomato sauce to finish your dish off with some “blood”.

If you have kids to feed, slice up hotdogs into curled sticks and call them creepy, crawly worms. You could even spread them in smashed black beans to make it look like they’re crawling in dirt.

  • Sinister Sides

Your sides can be both healthy for the body and unhealthy for the psyche. Use both colors and textures to add a sense of menace to your cooking.

A whole cauliflower resembles a brain. Take advantage of it and serve it whole. Cook it in a mixture of broth and curry to give it a yellow color. To take it to the next level, put it in a glass jar and fill it up with the broth mixture. Yummy.

Did you know that you can find black pasta and rice in the grocery store? Black pasta is colored with squid ink, while black rice is also known as Emperor’s rice and has a nutty taste. Mix in orange-colored vegetables, such as butternut squash, pumpkin slices, or sweet potato, and you’ve got a side that’s black and orange and perfect for Halloween.

  • Chilling Cocktails

Cocktails give you a great opportunity to add another dimension of Halloween to the dinner table.

Sprinkle some pomegranate seeds in a martini or any other clear drink — these red seeds resemble blood drops and they also taste great. Pour some red grenadine at the bottom of a screwdriver (orange juice and vodka) in a glass. Sangria with fruit cut in creative shapes will be enjoyed by your guests.

With some creativity and planning, with special attention to textures and color, you’ll be cooking a magnificent Halloween dinner that nobody will forget. Happy (or horrifying) cooking!

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