Disciplining Children With Free Educational Apps

Disciplining Children

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(Written by Pablo Navarro) With the new era of technology upon us and the importance that is gaining each day, it’s almost necessary for parents and teachers to incorporate the kids in it the best way possible.

Some people question this incorporation of technology into the life of small kids because of the desire to keep them clean from violence and have a normal childhood.

But nowadays for this exclusion from technology to happen the kids would have to live isolated from society, a society that is day by day including gadgets, devices and websites into their daily activities and a main learning vehicle for the little ones

The New Way Of Learning and Disciplining Children

Based on this premise, developers around the world have been making relevant efforts to offer games that are child-friendly and that not only entertains them but teaches them about certain topics, scenarios or even behaviors.

It might seem crazy to think that an iPad or an iPhone is going to teach young kids about how to behave or even skills, but this tablets are so easy to use and this games are so Interactive that its hard to think: why not?

If a pop-up book about dinosaurs is found incredibly appealing for kids, why wouldn’t an interactive game about the Mesozoic era teach them and make them have fun? Sounds, images, talking animals, games that ask the kids to accomplish certain goals might even teach them about the rewards of hard work and doing things as asked.

It has been proven that disciplining children has more effective results when reinforced by some compensation, whether it is something material or a positive feedback. In addition, repetition of the same lesson and the segmentation of it also help displacing behaviors and new knowledge.


  • Clara Supermarket is a free app that would help you turn your supermarket nightmare into a learning adventure. Kids can choose a character to navigate the supermarket’s aisles in order to find the objects that mom has asked for. Children will learn to find and select products that are frequently used at home, while also, gaining and putting into practice their knowledge about shapes, colors, numbers, fruit, vegetables and much more.
  • Clara City is a game in which kids explore the city streets, where a world of surprises awaits. The pharmacy, the park and the music store are just some of the more than 24 scenarios they may visit and where kids can find dozens of interactive objects. Simply, kids can learn proper social skills.

Most of the educational apps have already been developed following this method. Apps that teach the kids certain common tasks and reinforce them with positive feedback, a star or even a praise from the characters are certainly helping them understand and build up new knowledge. On the other hand, making the game fun and visually attractive makes the kids want to play, learn or even practice the knowledges they have acquired before…a perfect result!

Parents and teachers have to embrace the new technology in order to give the kids new additional options for learning behaviors, skills and information. The key is complementing the traditional learning methods with what the new era has to offer.

About the author: Pablo believes the little details are vital because little things make big things happen; that’s why 5% of the benefits derived from the sale of apps has been donated to Aldeas Infatiles SOS (http://goo.gl/9czrn).

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