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(Written by Kate Lim) One of the most massively frustrating things for a parent is spending money on the very latest “must have” toy for your children, only for them to come to you a short while later and tell you that they are bored. If only there was something we could do that could make playtime last forever, and reduce the chances of your child getting bored quickly to zero.

We looked at how to do this for positive and effective parenting solutions, and send your child on an inspirational voyage of discovery that will engage and educate them in equal measure.

  • Think Traditional

There is a great irony in the fact that older, more traditional toy ideas have a far greater shelf life in terms of entertainment than some of the most technologically advanced gadgets of the modern day.

Step one in your quest to make playtime last forever is to go back to traditional and somewhat basic, classic toys. Even the most powerful games console on the planet today will soon become obsolete and inferior to a new release, whereas toys such as construction blocks and dress up dolls will last forever.

  • Build the Collection

We mentioned two timeless toys just now, and they are both great examples of things where you can start off small, with one or two toys, and over time grow your child’s playtime into an individual fantasy world.

Take dress up dolls as one example. Obviously, you start with the initial doll, which in itself can be a character in a play or a simple companion for your child, among other things. From there, you can buy more dolls, or outfits for the doll, or become immersed in the whole brand that is built around the humble, classic, doll.

The same applies to construction toys – from just one box you can branch out and expand the play possibilities almost endlessly.

  • Involve Yourself

Children love playing by themselves and allowing their imagination to be liberated and not be challenged. As well as this, they love interacting with adults, especially with their toys. Engaging with your child while they are playing offers the perfect opportunity for parent/child interaction, while also creating an environment where they are likelier to pick up and learn more than they would playing themselves.

While enjoying individual play, children will experiment with various different scenarios, and if playing with an adult shows them just one or two new ideas, they then become small experiments in their own right, and something to stimulate the child when they once again go off on their own.

Effective Parenting Solutions For Playtime: “Interacting and Engaging with Kids”

Making playtime last forever is easy and straightforward, all you need is the right kind of toys to interact and engage with your child, and to make the time to get involved yourself.

Kate is now a guest author on a number of publications having spent a number of years as a play therapist. During play therapy, Kate utilised many products such as dress up dolls, interactive games, cuddly toys and other activities to educate and stimulate the minds of young children.

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