An Effective Parent vs. A Better Parent : What is My Job as a Parent?

Download this free parenting class by author, Shelly Lefkoe; co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul: Guide to Effective Parenting.  Parents can download this amazing Belief Shaping Kit where they can find out their job as a parent and much much more. Shelly Lefkoe reveals the secrets to having a happy family and nurturing a healthy connection with your children, without the struggle.

By raising your children with positive beliefs you can ensure that:

–        Your child grows into a productive, responsible and conscious adult with healthy self-esteem, a career they enjoy and healthy loving relationships

–        Your child is happy and engaged, so she does better in school, knows what she wants and doesn’t feel the need to act out.

–        You connect with your child on a deep level, with less grief and frustration, fewer arguments, and more moments of empathy and bonding.

–        You enjoy all aspects of parenting and are confident in knowing that you are setting your child up with a strong foundation that will serve her for the rest of her life.

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  • § Part 1: The little-known truth about beliefs

What are beliefs, and how do they silently carve out our children’s future? In this opening report you’ll learn the importance of beliefs, and why they can be profoundly empowering or terribly damaging. The truth may surprise you!

  • § Part 2: The 10 mistakes every parent makes that lead to negative beliefs

The tricky part about negative beliefs is that they often come from the unlikeliest places. Even the most well-meaning action or advice given out of pure love can lead to the formation of one. In this crucial video you’ll learn to spot and avoid the 10 most common parenting mistakes that can embed negative beliefs in your child.

  • § Part 3: How we burden our children with negative beliefs

What do negative beliefs look and sound like? What are the tell-tale signs of negative beliefs forming in your child? This eye-opening interview will show you why every problem in your adult life can be traced back to beliefs formed in your childhood.

  • § Part 4: What is your job as a parent?

Providing for our children is important; however, as parents we ask ourselves “What can I do to help my child thrive?” In this final report you’ll learn the crucial role that you as a parent play in shaping your child’s future beliefs.

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This free Belief Shaping kit can help you on your journey to being a more effective parent. Shelly Lefkoe has been working with parents for over 30 years, and this kit contains a handpicked selection of her most popular tools, techniques and insights. These parenting resources are designed for people who have an open mind, a desire to have a better relationship with their children and want to get their kids off to the best start in life.

Q: Why is Shelly giving away this Belief Shaping Kit for free?

A: “I became a parenting educator because in my more than 30 years as Lefkoe Method Facilitator I saw countless people who were stuck and unhappy come to me with problems ranging from lack of motivation and procrastination to depression, anxiety and low self-esteem.

What I’ve found is that most of these problems are formed during childhood, from often well-meaning parents who are unknowingly crippling their children with negative beliefs. Belief Shaping is the solution to this problem.

After seeing the massive positive impact it can make, not only on my daughters but on the thousands of parents I’ve shared it with, it is my personal mission to spread this knowledge to as many parents as possible. Giving away this free video series is part of that commitment, and after you watch it I hope that you are inspired to continue this journey with me.”