Helping Your Teen With Acne

(Written by Jonny Webber) Acne is a skin related problem that affects teenagers all over the globe, but what causes this worldwide epidemic? The short answer is this: there is no short answer.

A common cause is hormonal changes in the body that occur during puberty. These hormonal changes stimulate the sebaceous gland, which can cause an overproduction of oil. Teenagers undergo a lot of hormonal changes during this period in their life, which stimulates oil production, resulting in the blockage of the skin pores.

Greasy cosmetics can play a factor in acne formation, it can block the pores which results in the formation of acne. Most females try to hide acne using cosmetics but it sometimes aggravates the condition, which why it’s such a large contributor to the condition.

Acne can affect people of all of ages, but it affects teenagers the most. It has a deep effect on teens’ psyche. They feel embarrassed in social gatherings and lose their self confidence. For teens, physical appearance is very important. Sometimes it results in depression; they get behavioural problems, stressed out and even refuse to join any social gathering because they feel worthless, their self esteem is crushed.

Parents can play a vital role in reducing the depression of teenagers suffering during this period. They should have discussions with them, making them realize that acne is a common skin disease and can be treated easily. It would also be a good idea to ask their kids to take part in different activities e.g. sports, so that it can enhance their self esteem.

Nutrition also plays an important role in acne treatment. Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E, all of them are important for good skin. On the other hand nutrition may aggravate the condition also e.g. Food rich in sugar can make your skin worse, also products high in hormones such as dairy products can have a negative effect.

Consulting an acne specialist is something that needs to be done as soon as the problem arises. This will give you the best chance to overcome the situation before it gets too bad. Psychological acne treatments will also assists in improving self esteem, and help in suppressing negative thinking.

There are a lot of forums on the internet that include discussions regarding causes of acne and their treatments. Parent should ask children to contribute on these forums and must share their experiences; parents should also share their experiences on these forums. This will make the teens realize that it is a common disease that does have a cure.

Another important factor that effects acne development is insufficient sleep. Parents should make sure their teens have a healthy sleep habit. As lack of sleep increases stress and stress can stimulate the production of acne.

About 8 in 10 teens get acne, the most important thing to get your teen to realise is: They will grow out of it!

About the author: Jonny Webber, a guest blogger  lives in Manchester, where he works as a writer creating content about family health and well-being.

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