How to Ensure Child Safety around Indoor Heaters

(Written by Allan Williams) Whether indoor heaters run on gas or electricity, if not carefully handled, they can prove to be life-threatening. If you have small children in your house, it becomes all the more necessary to protect them from such appliances.
child safety
Children are usually very curious by nature. They like exploring new items around the house and feeling everything that is within their reach. During the extreme winter, having indoor heaters is a must. Indoor heaters are usually large in size and get very hot on the surface when they are switched on. That is why it is essential to guard children from going near these appliances. Below are a few tips to help safeguard your child against any harm.

  • Cage your Heater

If you have an indoor heater placed in some corner of your home and it is easily reachable, then you should place a guard or cage around it. Surrounding your heater with a protective cage will prevent your children from going near it or touching it. Child guards are easily available in the market and you can fix them around your heater without any difficulty.

  • Change the Location of your Heater

If there is a constant chance of your child going near the heater, it would be a wise choice to change its location. You can place your heater on a wall-mounted shelf. A heater placed on a shelf high above the reach of your children will decrease the chances of mishaps in your house. Nowadays, you can get lightweight heaters that can be attached on your wall. Placing your heater in a hard-to-reach area will ensure the safety of your children and you will not have to worry about them while they play around the house.

  • Purchase a cool-surfaced heater

With new innovations in every product category, heaters are also being made with more child safety features. If you survey the market, you will find a variety of heaters. Some heaters have been manufactured in adherence to child safety measures. These heaters do not warm up while they are switched on. The surfaces of these heaters remain cool. There are also heaters that automatically shut themselves off if tipped over. This will prevent children from accidently burning their hands if they go near a heater to touch it or try to tip it over.

Even though these are very important preventive measures to ensure your child’s safety around indoor heaters, the most important and vital measure is to make your child understand the dangers of going near such appliances. You should take out time to explain to your children the hazards of touching such appliances and how it can harm them.

About the author: Allan from Australia enjoys blogging about energy savings and appliances. Allan has been an active reviewer. From electric heaters to kitchen appliances, Allan has published numerous articles on prominent blogs and websites.

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