How To Balance A Social Life while Raising Your Kids

balance in life(Written by Mike Neil and Edited by Elle Yi) To be conscious about your children’s healthy nurturing and cherishing is one thing that must be applauded. However being obsessed with your children’s security, habits and health is something else.

Usually parents get so much obsessed with their kids that even at big parties, (where one may rub elbows with attorneys, editors, writers and doctors), what all they are talking about is: Kids, my kids, your kids, kids, kids and kids. If you are a parent you must have been through a very common experience that you handsomely paid a baby sitter to look after your offspring to get some time with your partner. But all you talked about at the dinner was kids.

It is not like all your social life ends up when you become a parent. In fact, it is increased. Nonetheless, after returning from your office and getting involved in your family you get tired enough not to dare deal with your social circle.

All you need to do is, divide and manage your time cleverly and efficiently. Usually you have to deal with the following to balance a social life:

  • Job

You may have the option to choose work days, unless your manager decides this for you. If you have a choice, always choose the days or shift when your partner is at home to look after your offspring. In cases both of you are out, you must insure a certified baby sitter or someone you trust to stay with them.

  • Partner

You must spend enough time with your spouse in order to insure a satisfied and happy married life. It is vital to spend some time outing with your partner, be it for dinner or shopping. You may choose the half days of your job do plan such an occasion every week or two.

  • Children

You have to divide your daily life into three parts: one for your partner, one for work and the last for your children. You must ensure that all the time other than working hours and the night is spent with your children. In this way, you can have a close eye over your children’s habits, hobbies and education.

  • Social circle

Your social life is further divided into the following:

  1. Your social circle
  2. Your partner’s social circle
  3. Your children’s social circle

To deal with all three types of you may spend one weekend with yours, next with your partner’s and the other with your children’s social circle and repeat the cycle forever. This may look very costly but you could make some use of one-dish parties to cut the price.

This way you can not only get more involved with your office mates, partner and children, but also have a very healthy and active social life. Don’t forget to announce parties for your children’s birthdays, attending birthdays of their friends and other events in school this way you can assure a close watch on your children.

About the author: Mike has been blogging about parenting and child development for several years. He enjoys helping others with advice he gathered from his experiences with his 2 children. Aside from blogging, Mike collects action figures and comics figurines.

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