How to Exercise With Baby

exercise with baby(Written by Hollie Gibson) If you thought that finding time to exercise before you had a baby was hard work, it’s more than likely that this task has become almost impossible now that there’s a little one in the house. Lack of sleep and breastfeeding will leave you drained – even getting dressed may seem like a challenge some mornings!

However, doing a little bit of exercise with baby after you’ve given birth is good for your mind as well as your body – not only will it help you to lose the baby bump, but will lift your mood and give you a break from baby brain. Light exercise has also been proven to treat and sometimes even prevent postnatal depression – so get moving girls.

At first, getting back into exercise with baby doesn’t have to mean strenuous activities – make the most of the time your baby is sleeping in the nursery furniture and do some gentle stretches to get your muscles used to the idea of working again.

It is important not to over do it during the first 6-weeks after giving birth – your body needs time to recover. Light yoga will be a good place to start during the quiet times of day when you’re not catching a cat-nap.

Walking is one of the best forms of exercise with baby out there, and what better way to do this than to introduce baby to the world by taking a stroll with the pram? Getting out of the house will distract you from the baby blues and may give you the chance to meet other mums with children the same age.

If you find it hard to motivate yourself to get moving, try joining a pram-pushing exercise club. These are usually free and held in local parks and offer new opportunities to be social – after all, you can’t talk baby stuff with your baby-free, cocktail drinking girls.

After six weeks, your body will be ready for exercise with baby a little more oomph! If your local swimming pool has a crèche, it’s probably worth the extra pennies so that you can start to feel good about yourself again.

Remember – getting your body moving will bust those blues and give you something to feel good about!

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About the author: Hollie loves to travel and espcially wanted to share about exercising with your baby as she enjoys a wide range of leisure and physical activities with her young daughter. Hollie is from Cornwall in the UK and enjoys visiting blooming parks throughout the year with her daughter.

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