Importance Of The Extracurricular Activities

extra curricular activities(Written by Puvana, K) The extracurricular activities are the important part of many schools. Some of these activities take place during the school time, while others, after the school time or on weekends. The opinion of parents is divided on the importance of extracurricular activities; therefore, some parents encourage their children to take part in such activities, while others are just reluctant. The advantages of extracurricular activities are enormous, and here we will look at just a few significant benefits of extracurricular activities. The extracurricular activities are extremely important for your child, and it helps your child to develop his skills in many other areas besides just studies.

  • Students Learn to Manage Their Time

One of the most important benefits of extracurricular activities is that the students will learn how to manage their time. They can learn how to set their priorities, and this will help them in future to become a successful person in life. When we have to perform different tasks, we are actually learning an important aspect of life which is called multitasking. The students can practice multitasking by taking part in different extracurricular activities during their school, and extra time. 

  • Setting long Term Commitments

benefits of musicWhen the children are involved in extracurricular activities, they actually learn how to make long term commitments. When them involved in an activity, they are actually committing themselves with this particular activity, and this is good for their future. Learning how to make long term commitments is always important in building the personality of your child, and this important benefit of taking part in the extracurricular activities cannot be the overlooked.

  • Contributing to Something

The extracurricular activities also teach your child how making contribution to the overall success.  They have to think as a team player rather than an individual to become a successful person in life, and extracurricular activities provide them a chance to contribute to the success of a team or group. 

  • Development of Self Esteem

Your child can always develop his self esteem by taking part in the different type of extracurricular activities which is a good thing for the personality development of your child. There are a number of children who feel themselves worthless, but if you can develop their self esteem, you can make them feel important. We all need to know in which things we are good, and taking part in the extracurricular activities is a best way to find your positives and negatives.

  • Building the Partnerships

When your child takes part in the extracurricular activities, he can learn how to build the partnerships with others. The teenagers always need to take part in social activities to become a positive and strong person in the future.

  • Do Not Overlook the importance of Studies

The importance of studies cannot be overlooked, but the importance of the extracurricular activities is also unavoidable. It is not just book knowledge that makes your child a successful person as he also needs to learn the other secrets of success, and how to interact with the world.

About the author: Puvana, K is a freelance writer from Hamilton, ON, who motivates people through her writing. She is a seasoned author whose works have been published in many authority sites.

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