Interior Design Ideas For Child-friendly Homes

interior design ideas for kids(Written by Alexandra Maxwell) Creating a child-friendly environment is vital for parents and grandparents who aim to make the most of their little ones’ childhoods. It also means peace of mind as safety measures are built in automatically when designing interiors suitable for children.

For example, glass doors are not the best idea when planning a space to be inhabited by youngsters of any age – toddlers are likely to run into them and the prospect of older children engaging in a bit of horseplay in a room with glass doors is an accident waiting to happen.

  • Walls and floors

A family home can take account of what works best for kids, and still look stylish. There are lots of washable wallpapers available and choosing a feature wall to display a bright pattern, then painting the surrounding walls in contrasting or matching colors with good quality paint, creates an interesting effect. The paint should also be washable as sticky little fingers are bound to trail along hallway walls and find their way to other places.

The patter of tiny feet soon becomes the stomping of teen sneakers and will also take its toll on floor coverings. For this reason, it’s best to avoid expensive carpeting and rugs likely to cause slips and trips.

Those areas that get the most traffic, for example hallways and living rooms, will benefit from durable, solid wood flooring. A very wide range of colors, patterns and finishes are available from hardwood flooring wholesale dealers, so home décor can be enhanced by a classically elegant or vibrantly contemporary finish – read more to find out about the new technology that creates stain-resistant and easy to clean hardwood floors.

  • Fabrics and furnishings

When choosing armchairs and couches, it pays to select good solid pieces that will withstand years of bouncing kids, rather than cheap furniture that will not tolerate family life and will need to be replaced every few years. Upholstery and drapes that are fireproof are a good idea in every home, and fitting a smoke alarm should be considered as important as ensuring that there are safety locks on windows and kitchen cupboards.

In a bedroom or playroom, scaled down furniture is useful as younger kids will not be tempted to climb onto adult-sized chairs or tables; children’s furniture can be very stylish and there are some lovely options in hardwood or brightly-colored plastic, which have wipe clean surfaces. Elsewhere in the home, it helps to have countertops and tables with rounded ends in the kitchen and dining room, as otherwise bruises and black eyes might result.

  • Safety first

When toddlers are around a safety gate for stairways will prevent junior from climbing up unsupervised or falling down, depending on where the gate is placed.

Stray toys on the floor or the stairs are a hazard and clever storage can help when it’s time to tidy up. A window-seat tucked into an alcove or bay can do the job of an ottoman, and is the ideal discreet hiding place for playthings at the end of a busy, fun-filled family day.

About the author: Alexandra Maxwell is a dedicated internet blogger that loves to spend her time documenting leisure, travel and family related events and issues of import around this subjects.

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