Kids’ Playroom Design Ideas: Ruler Growth Chart

Ruler Growth Chart(Written by Elle Yi) Wall art and wall decals can offer an opportunity of designing kids’ playrooms without any extra charges. Parents can simply create amazing wall decorations with a variety of colors and styles discovering their own creativity.

The wall decorations are already the most popular modern design approach for kids’ playroom design ideas. For example, wall decals can easily convert boring playrooms into something amazing. Wall borders have been a common solution to boost a decorating scheme and create a certain theme for kids’ playrooms.

Currently, growth charts are available in many themes to coordinate with any playroom decor including animals, ocean life, sports, flowers, transportation, dinosaurs, butterflies, alphabet and many more whimsical designs. Growth charts is also an excellent feature in playrooms in accordance with any design themes. Oopsy Daisy Kids Growth Charts are reproductions of original paintings from over 51 global artists who create for the education and delight of children.

Ruler Growth Chart

Source from Mary Jo from 517 Creations

Lately, one of moms’ favorite things in the kids’ playroom among moms’ blog sites is the giant ruler growth chart. Mary Jo from 517 Creations made her ruler growth chart utilizing a panel, walnut stain and a paint pen that purchased from Lowe’s.

She finished it using a spray wax so it can have a finished look and hung it in her son’s playroom. This can be so simple for parents to create a growth chart at 10 dollars yet it is sweet and creative way to watch kids grow. As shown in the picture of her blog, her oversize ruler that works as a whimsical growth chart leans perfectly in the corner.

* Playful: The growth chart ruler is truly a essential element that makes kids playrooms very playful. The giant ruler can be a practical and unique design idea for children’s playrooms. Parents can discover growth charts in a number of materials, designs and styles. It is usually made with a hanging canvas, vinyl wall decals or even by painting one wall of the playroom.

* Flexible: The main benefit of the fabric growth charts is flexibility. You can easily setup and alter the spots. One advantage of the vinyl type is that the materials could be very easily cleaned and taken off. The paper type of growth chart is mostly less expensive than other materials.

* Informative: Child growth charts can organize the data of children’s weight and height as time passes, and be a wonderful indicator of the children’s development and growth. This is often a significant way for mom and dad to keep track of a child’s growth.

The greatest advantage of a growth chart is that children will probably be excited with having their own special personalized growth chart. Kids and parents like to see kids’ name and pictures on the growth chart. A customized growth chart can be something all family members will definitely enjoy.

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Ruler Growth Chart

Ruler Growth Chart

Ruler Growth Chart

Ruler Growth Chart

Ruler Growth Chart

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