Kid’s Room Ideas With The Elements of Education

Kid's Room Ideas with The Elements of Education

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(Written by Amanda Brooks in UK) As a parent, there’s no doubt that you rate your child’s education pretty high up there in terms of importance. So when it comes to redecorating his or her room – why not bear this in mind?

Incorporating education into your child’s room will inject some fun into learning – playrooms are a place of sanctuary, fun and familiarity, so it won’t be long before times tables are associated with fun – or at least, that’s the theory!

Talking of times tables – there are many ways you can use decoration to your advantage. Whether it’s in the form of a poster or magnets on the radiator – maths can be effectively implemented. If you have an artistic friend, a nice framed picture of times tables will add an original flair to the room.

When it comes to geography, this is just as easy to introduce to your child’s room. You could invest in a spinning globe or a colourful wall atlas. Depending on how adventurous you’re feeling, you could even buy some colourful paints, hone in on your imagination and dedicate one wall to drawing your own map of the world.

Along with maths and geography – books are imperative to learning, development and language. Ensure that your child has a brimming bookshelf full of colourful, stimulating books that look too intriguing to resist. If you’re investing in new furniture, the more colourful the children’s furniture the better, especially if your child is of the age of learning colours.

If your child’s room has wooden floors, consider this another opportunity to learn and develop. Why not put down some number, letter or hopscotch stickers?

For walls, the possibilities are endless. Placing a small chalk or a whiteboard against some furniture, or even mounting it on the wall, will encourage writing and drawing. It’s also a place to recall those times tables! However make sure you supervise your child when using their new whiteboard as you don’t want them getting carried away with their pens onto the walls when your back is turned.

Kid's Room Ideas with The Elements of EducationAnother great idea is to include fun games within the playroom. This Toy story fun darts board looks simple and fun yet the element of adding the scores whilst playing adds an element of education without the child even knowing it.

Playroom walls are also a great place to paint shapes, animals and words – and foreign languages, depending on the age of your child. Perhaps you could paint a rhyme or a few fun facts, too. The walls are also the perfect place to display any awards and certificates from school, as well as extra-curricular awards. This will also cut down on the amount of home accessories you’ll need to fill up empty shelves! Similarly, having a shelf displaying any masterpieces brought home from school will be encouraging.

When it comes to deciding the layout of your child’s room, Feng Shui could be a consideration. To make the room conducive to efficiency and concentration, it is advised to have a desk or learning area in the corner that is closest to the left when looking into a room from the doorway. It is also advised to place any desks or tables facing into the room, rather than facing the wall, to allow for creativity and a clearer mind. It is also vital to ensure as much natural light as possible can get into the room, to boost concentration and alertness.

Kid's Room Ideas with The Elements of EducationDecorating your child’s room is very much an individual experience. It will depend on whether your child is a visual, auditory or kinaesthetic learner – obviously, if you have a good idea of this then you can decorate accordingly.

Also, decoration depends on what your child has shown an interest in. If they enjoy playing with toys, filling a chest with educational toys may be the best idea. If they’ve shown an interest in astrology, simply buy some glow-in-the-dark stars and recreate the constellations on the ceiling above the bed. You could also mount some posters of the planets on the walls. Your child might be the next big musician so add toys that stimulate musical creativity. I think everyone that ever watched the film Big when they were younger wanted to learn to play the piano so they could play on one of these.

However you decide to decorate, remember to have fun with it. Fun is the main objective for your child so don’t take it too seriously!

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