Look Beautiful for the Family Photograph

family photo ideas(Written by Paula Whately) My family recently surprised me with a makeover, photography session and family photo.  I can’t stand having my photo taken so I have to admit I wasn’t really looking forward to it.  It was supposed to be a birthday present but I am not sure if it was more of a joke.  They were all so thrilled with buying me the gift that I decided not to give it away to my daughter and go for it. I was dreading it. My husband and children can dress themselves with little effort and still look photogenic; I needed all the help I could get so as not to let the side down.

  • Family and Personal Preparation

I needed to prepare myself both mentally and physically. Even though the makeover was part of the package I felt I had to smarten myself up as much as possible.  I went to the hair dressers first and had a new cut and colour.  I was actually really pleased with the outcome too and immediately I felt a lot more confident about the whole ordeal.

After the hair cut I went to the beauticians and had a wax, facial and my eyebrows neatened up. It was a bit painful as I hadn’t had my eyebrows plucked for several months.  I am not too good on keeping up with my personal routine, and I am forever losing my tweezers, thanks to my teenage daughters.  Anyway I suffered through the pain; I won’t even go into the waxing side of things!

  • Shopping with the Experts (Daughters)

Finally once I felt that my personal hygiene and appearance was as good as it was going to get I began fretting about the clothes I was going to wear.  This was a special occasion and the photo would be displayed somewhere in the house no doubt so I definitely needed some new clothes.  I took my daughters along to the shopping centre with me and we spent all day going from one shop to another and then back again.  I found it almost impossible to find anything I actually liked.  Being forty I find myself too old for some of the latest fashions but too young for the clothing designed for the older woman. Typically, my husband went in one shop, found something he liked – and that was that! He was now kitted out with nice new smart-casual clothing to pose in for the photographer.

I came home practically empty handed, but I did manage to find a pair of shoes and a lovely new necklace.  I felt a bit down after the disastrous shopping trip but my daughter placed the laptop on the coffee table and began showing me the delights of shopping online with a youthful mind at the helm. I found loads of amazing dresses in a gorgeous boutique store online and I was amazed at the prices, especially considering the dresses I liked most turned out to be designer. The dress was more important (than usual) as it recommends in the gift pack that we all wear eye-catching colours, I would have just gone for a black dress but that wasn’t really allowed.

  • The Day we Said Cheese

When the day of the shoot came I was so nervous.  I went along with butterflies in my stomach and tried to put a smile on my face.  The beauticians and hair stylists did a great job at relaxing me while they worked their magic.  I was shown some new makeup techniques and I was amazed to discover that green eye shadow was perfect for my skin tone and eye colour! Thankfully it also went very nicely with my lovely new dress.

I was beginning to enjoy myself being so pampered, and I have to admit they did help me to look my best.  However when it came time to pose in front of the camera the nerves returned.  I felt better than I thought I would thanks to the great clothes and new styling. The photographer helped me by making me laugh and asking me to just have fun and relax.  After a while I got into the swing of things though and I have to say I did really enjoy myself. When it was time for the rest of the gang to jump in, it was an even more enjoyable experience. All our clothes and cheesy smiles didn’t clash too much and my dress was comfortable while not being over-kill for the family image.

After the shoot I was anxious about how the images would come out.  When I saw the shots I was actually really pleased with them.  I am finally pleased with one photograph on the wall in our home – the family all together, looking and feeling happy.  My kids and husband love it, and now I’m not so quick to hide when the cameras come out; partially thanks to a bit of guided shopping and my new funky little dress.

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