Make A Different Study Routine With Your Child

Study Routine for Kids(Written by Norma Brown) Study time at home is one of the activities that kids dread. They say that they’re already too tired from school or are too bored. A little motivation will give them the push that they need. Parents need to jazz up kids’ study routine so that children will always be motivated to their homework and study for an exam.

  • Environment

First of all, you must provide your child with a good learning environment that he can call his own. Let him decorate his space with family photos, souvenirs and all his favorite things. Giving him a space where he can be inspired is a good motivator.

Give your child different colored highlighters, pens, Post-its, papers and other desk gear to make studying more fun. Your child will be more creative with his homework with these tools.

Set the mood. If your child can’t concentrate in a very silent environment, play some background music. Don’t play songs that have lyrics. Instrumental songs that have an upbeat tune are good for background noise. Set the player at a low volume so your child can still concentrate. Providing a happy atmosphere will encourage him to study.

Provide healthy snacks such as apple wedges, bananas or nuts. Nuts are great brain boosters and will help your child absorb his lessons better.

  • Give your child tools to finish faster

Download educational apps that can help your child study. These interactive apps and software will surely take the boredom away. Your child will feel like he is playing when in fact, he is feeding his brain.

Is your child having trouble with math? If math problems bore your child, make math problems more fun. Change the names of the characters to his favorite characters. For example, instead of saying Ben has 5 marbles, change it to Dora has 5 monkeys or Batman has 5 Bat Mobiles. Make the problems sound funny and silly so that your child will have more fun solving them.

Gone are the days of boring, old flashcards. Now that everything is high-tech, even flashcards have levelled up. Go online and search for sites that make flashcards. Some already have their own set of flashcards for each subject or you can also customize your own. The website Quizlet is an example.

  • Relax

Remember that relaxation is important too. Kids have a short attention span so it’s best to divert their attention once in a while. If you have a pet cat, place him near your child while he is studying. Your purring cat will provide a great rhythmical comfort to your child. He can play with the cat once in a while to have breaks in his study time.

Kids, like adults, need frequent breaks when they’re doing something. Encourage them to stand, walk around and stretch every 30 minutes. A 5-minute break will do wonders for your child. Start training your kids to have fun while studying at a young age and they will surely keep this habit until they grow up.

This article was written by Norma Brown. Norma indicates “I’m a super mom, an entrepreneur and a blogger.” and ” I have a website that features nursery school equipment and other children’s stuff.”

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