Safeguarding Your Children Online

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Reference from Dr. Randy Cale

(Written by Kate Simmons) Keeping your children safe is every parent’s responsibility. Modern children are tech savvy and know how to use internet for navigation. Many parents worry that their children could become victims of online bullying and harassment. Supervising your children may be a little bit tricky if they have their own laptops or smart phones. Parents should understand the risks and find solutions to keep them safe.

There are several ways parents can approach this issue. First of all they should explain the dangers to their children: [Read more…]

Everyday Tactics for Backing Up Your Child’s Math Practice

math practice(Written by Cathy John) While you may not necessarily be the most mathematically minded person in the world, you can use some everyday tactics to back up your child’s maths homework. The first thing to focus on is getting up to speed with what they’re actually learning, while knowing how to encourage good practices without doing the work for them. It’s also important to check in with teachers, and to make use of extra resources to make things easier and more productive for children, regardless of their individual abilities.

  • Read Through Their Textbooks

Make sure you’re on the same page as your children by reading through their textbooks and becoming familiar with the kind of work they’re doing; you may also want to get a teacher’s copy of the syllabus, which you can then refer to if there is a more significant problem. However, you want to be helping, not acting as a second teacher outside of school. [Read more…]