Six Ways To Protect Your Kids From The Flu

How To Prevent Flu(Written by Holly Chavez) There’s a lot of media coverage and misinformation going around about the flu, and there is always some scary statistic discussed that makes moms wonder if there is anything they can do to prevent their toddler from getting it. Likewise, there are many questions that moms want answered about the flu such as: is my toddler old enough to get a flu shot? Are flu shots safe? Can the flu shot actually cause my toddler to get the flu? How long will it take before it becomes effective after they get it?  [Read more…]

Parent’s Guide On How To Make The Most Of Parent Teacher Conferences

Parent Teacher Conferences(Written by Jo Salt) The fundamental downside of Parent Teacher Conferences is the fact that you and the teacher probably have quite a lot of questions you want to ask and topics that you’d like to cover but you’re limited to a short meeting that’s between five and fifteen minutes long to fit all of that into. As well as being limited on time it’s also likely that you’ll forget a lot of what you wanted to say when you get there too which means that you’ll come away frustrated that your questions haven’t been answered.

In order to combat the majority of your problems – the problem of short lived appointments isn’t ever likely to be resolved – there are a few things you should do to prepare for perhaps the most nervous night of your year. [Read more…]

How Technology Class Help Kids In Developing Their Career

technology camp(Written by Jimmy Sorenson) If you are a parent of a young pre-teen or a school going teenager, this article is aimed at equipping you with the necessary information about the kind of after school or summer camps that will benefit your children the most.

Fortunately, the children of today have many more options and opportunities than you had at your time. For, after school programs are no longer confined to just sports, music, and dancing; they have new and advanced courses on the latest technologies that can help children with their careers, besides being major soft skill enhancers. [Read more…]

Bring Back Nigeria’s 200 Missing School Girls


We believe that all children should have access to education.

(Written by Ify E) In Nigeria, over 200 girls were recently abducted from their boarding school and plans are reported of them being sold as brides for $ 12 each. We need the world to unite in efforts to save them.

The abducted young girls are being affected by a conflict they did not create, and their voices need to be heard. It can only be imagined, what these over 200 girls are going through.

  • #bringbackourgirls

The group Boko Haram has repeatedly said girls should not be educated. We believe that all children should have access to education, boy or girl. We urge all World Leaders to help by doing more to ensure the safe return of thesis girls. [Read more…]

Advice For New Parents: Learn About Prenatal Care

advice for new parents(Written by Carlo Chapelle and Edited by Elle Yi) Being pregnant is an amazing and exciting experience and prenatal care is just one of the exciting aspects of being pregnant. Enjoy your pregnancy and make the best out of your prenatal care visits.

Your health care specialist can become a great mentor assisting you with all your questions and teaching you a wealth of knowledge which will help you enjoy your pregnancy to the full.

Take advantage of these prenatal care visits as an opportunity to bond, not only with your baby but also with your partner. Encourage him to come along with you and to actively take part by voicing his concerns and questions. Can you imagine what a special moment both of you can share when listening to your baby’s heart rate or at your first ultrasound?

Statistically, women who ensure to attend these visits are less likely to encounter problems in their pregnancy as every aspect of their pregnancy is closely monitored at every stage by health care professionals. Here are advice for new parents and some of the reasons why moms-to-be must take their prenatal care visits seriously: [Read more…]

The Best Pets For Kids: Choosing Your Child’s First Pet

pet quotes(Written by Thor Neighbour) Dogs have various personalities and character traits so when you choose your dog; you should take these factors into account. For example, you may prefer a small breed over a large one, or one with long hair as opposed to short hair. Labrador Retrievers, for example, have been found to be a good fit for children and families so you may decide that they are the most suitable breed.

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Top 5 Movie Choices For Kids In 2014

movies for kids 2014

Courtesy of Photo: stphillips/iStockphoto

(Written by Jona Javier) Knowing what to get the kids at Christmas time can be tricky. However, if there’s one safe bet, it’s entertaining movies. Youngsters love getting engrossed in a story with their favorite characters and there are plenty to choose from online and in stores this year. Here are five of the best movies for kids in 2014.

One of the most popular BluRay movies this year is Monsters University from Disney/Pixar. This animated comedy is great for all ages and even better in high definition. It centers on the character of Mike Wazowski, whose voice is provided by Billy Crystal. He has long dreamed of becoming a scarer, but during his first semester at Monsters University, his plans go quickly awry when he meets James P. Sullivan [Read more…]

How To Get Children To Help With The Chores

(Written by Suzie Newton) The task of balancing being a parent, keeping your children occupied and home in tip top squeaky clean condition can be a never ending chore in itself. We all know how though they are little angels or little monkey’s the majority of the time they tend to add to the mess and aren’t quite as enthusiastic to clean it up leaving it often for mum and dad to do.

What with games, toys, clothes and more laying about the house there no need for you to pull your hair out in frustration anymore, this infographic is sure to offer you a definitive guide to getting your kids to help around the house, see the benefits of helping out mum and dad and pull their weight with the chores making cleaning your home and keeping it tidy a fun and rewarding activity. Like the saying goes more pairs of hands make for lighter work and often it’s that little bit of extra help for mum and dad that can not only get the cleaning done faster but leave time left over to spend together.  Follow each of these easy steps and you’ll have your kids ready and raring to help out with the cleaning in no time at all. [Read more…]

Recess Is More Than Play Tim: Learn Through Play

school recess facts(Written by David Reeves) Common core standards in schools have become more rigorous over the past few years. Required tests have made the school year a busy time while teachers rush and struggle to prepare their students. Because of this recess is often getting cut out of a child’s day. Many parents and professionals are saying that the benefits from school recess range farther than just expelling pent-up energy, and that it should be required to be scheduled into their child’s day at school every day.

Unstructured free play with peers in the form of recess provides an educational experience all its own. On the playground children are able to develop their individual identity and personality traits as well as improve their self-esteem. Recess can be much more than play time and can improve not only a child’s self control but also their behavior, their concentration and their grades.

  • Concentration

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Top 5 Indoor Games A Child Should Play

board games for kids

“It also teaches children the need to look at things in a logical way. ”

(Written by Christie Benson) Playing games is the most important activity for children to develop creative skills. It is a fact that games offer fun and entertainment. In this busy world, parents find less time to spend time with their children. They find it hard to balance their work at office as well as home schedules. But it is quiet essential that parents need to spend their quality time with their kids as your child also needs time with you to relax and play. This also helps to build strong family bonds, which can last for a lifetime.

Children enjoy playing which is enjoyable and spontaneous. They also can learn social and motor skills and also cognitive thinking. Researches proved that play helps in the brain development by stimulating the brain through the formation of connections between nerve cells. Board games are very popular which were actually meant to be pass time, but actually are healthy, nurturing the brain’s motor functions etc. There are some important board games for kids that children must play to develop in to a sharp and brilliant student. They are as follows: [Read more…]