5 Tips Towards Creating Great Family Photos

great family photos

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(Written by Jasmine Poole) Preparation and planning are the keys to capturing the perfect portrait of you and your loved ones. As the years pass, you will all look back on this moment in time so it’s important for it to truly represent who you are as a family. Here are 5 top tips to help you create a timeless family portrait.

To Theme or Not to Theme?

Some families choose to theme their portraits for a truly individualised and fun experience. The benefits of a theme are that it’s an exciting experience which everyone can enjoy, however it can also detract from the personalities of your family group. Some people prefer their portraits to be a snapshot in time, a representation of their everyday life as a family and a theme can sometimes overwrite this.

Cohesive Clothing

Looking good is obviously an important part of the portrait process, but you don’t want it to overshadow the individual personalities of everyone in the group. Pick a dress standard and make sure everyone knows how they’re expected to dress, whether it’s formal or every day wear. You want clothes that still let everyone be individual and express their style, but that won’t clash with the background or cause compositional issues for the photographer. Avoid strong patterns or large logos, and focus on solid colours.

Special Locations

When you’re looking at a range of locations for your shoot, make sure you consider places that mean something to your family. Your favourite park, the best beaches or even your family home can all be a wonderful backdrop to make your portrait even more personal. Have a chat to your photographer to let them know what you’re planning so they can accommodate your requests.

Make it Fun

Instead of focusing on a formal and structured shoot, why not make it into a fun and enjoyable event for the whole family. Choose your location and even pack some food for a BBQ to make a day out of it. Don’t stress too much about the details, let the kids run off and play throughout session to burn off some of the extra energy. A good photographer will be able to capture some beautiful spontaneous shots that truly encapsulate the personality and unique identity of your family.

Hire a Professional

This is the most important part of your portrait preparation and planning. Hiring a quality photographer not only ensures a great result, but makes the whole process a lot easier. A friendly and professional photographer will be able to get the very best shots while creating a fun and relaxed atmosphere for the whole family. You want someone that the little ones will feel comfortable with, and someone who can also get a smile out of the sometimes slightly recalcitrant teens! These top tips will help you to create a truly timeless family portrait. It pays to take a little extra time to plan and prepare for your photos, so that when the day comes, everyone is relaxed and ready for the shoot. These pictures will be with you forever, and by following these simple steps, you can capture something unique that you will always treasure.

Jasmine Poole has started her business based in Brisbane in newborn photography. Inspired by the arrival of her daughter she realised that every moment is a precious memory that needs to be captured with great family photos.

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