Why You Should Invest Yourself In Your Child’s Creativity

Child's Creativity(Written by Kate Carson and Edited by Elle Yi) A child’s creativity and imagination are truly unbounded and unrestricted when they are young. Their brains are still developing and being molded at that age, creating a foundation that will be built upon for many years to come.

Parenting Tips For Toddlers’ Creativity

This is why there are so many experts that recommend that parents allow their children to freely express their creativity, when it comes to the different activities that they do within their home. Parents should also be encouraged to search for other ways that they can further enhance that creativity overall. Here are several ways that this can be accomplished.

Become Invested in Their Land of Imagination

Without leaving the confines of their own home or even their own bedroom, many children are able to use their imagination as a round-trip ticket to visit other worlds and places that more than likely do not exist anywhere else besides their mind. They can mentally travel wherever they want and do whatever they want simply by placing themselves there through their naturally creative minds. Many parents seem to unknowingly making a habit of allowing their children to enjoy these experiences when they encourage their children to go and play. This time alone to explore their creativity is important, but parents should also make sure that they take the time to frequently join in on their children’s creative playtime. Pretend that you are there right there with your child and fully engage yourself within the experience. Your child will respond positively to your involvement and it is an excellent time to bond with your child.

Give Them the Tools That They Need

Even though the vast majority of children would be able to enjoy their own creativity and imagination without any tools, toys or equipment, it could add to their enjoyment if you provide them with some tools. For instance, if you have a son, then you should consider purchasing soldiers, remote control cars and any other toy or tool that currently excites them. Collectible dolls, tea sets and princess items have proven to have a significant impact on girls as well. Purchasing a doll, for example, gives them an entire person that they can bring into their imagined worlds. They can give the doll a name and a personality. You may find that your little girl would rather play with cars and soldiers and little boys at times may want to play with the dolls. This is perfectly natural and healthy. There is no need for a child to stick to a stereotypical toy such as dolls for girls and race cars for boys. Your child’s personality, development and their interests will guide them to the toys they choose to play with.

Every Little Bit Counts

creativityNever feel as if whatever you are doing for your child and their creativity is not enough. As parents, we have our plates filled on a daily basis with other responsibilities and tasks that have to be completed in a timely fashion, so we may not have as much time as we would like to spend with our children. As long as we are doing the very best we can to encourage their creative growth and imaginative development instead of hindering it, then we should find peace in knowing that every little bit truly does count.

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About the Author: Kate Carson has been a content writer for several years and has written articles about parenting tips for toddlers and reports for a wide variety of different niches, including parenting, relationships, education and entertainment. However, she is passionate about topics that have to deal with imagination and creativity, such as this article, because she distinctly remembers the significant impact that collectible dolls had on her own life from a young age.

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