Inspirational Parenting Quotes for Mother’s Day

Inspirational Parenting Quotes for Mothers DayInspirational Parenting Quotes for Mothers Day(Written by Elle Yi) Mother’s Day is right around the corner and what better way to celebrate than with funny and inspirational parenting quotes! Whether dealing with toddlers or teenagers, parenting is tough work! So I hope this selection helps us through the ups and downs of being a parent, letting us look at the brighter side of trying times. Or at least laugh at ourselves.

So enjoy this post, and feel free to laugh! It’s the best medicine,


it’s free! Happy Mother’s Day!

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Mistakes Parents Make Teaching Your Children To Swim

Mistakes Parents Make Teaching Your Children To Swim(Written by Kalen M.) Teaching your children how to swim is a big investment. Many parents try to teach their children themselves instead of paying for swimming lessons. Unfortunately, they often make a number of mistakes that can make the lessons unpleasant or prevent the children from learning properly. You will want to make sure you avoid these mistakes if you plan on teaching them yourself. [Read more...]

How We Influence Our Children as Parents?

How We Influence Our Children as Parents?(Written by Stephanie Green) Thinking back on my childhood and watching how my children are doing as they are becoming adults has shown me so much about the influence of parents for good or many times not so good in children’s lives. As parents, so often we grow up becoming duplicates of our parents which is not always good in every way. Because something was done a certain way by our parents when we were children we continue doing it as adults and pass it on to our children. In my opinion not all parenting should be passed down and we would be doing ourselves a favor if we sat down and really thought about our parenting tactics. We need to decide which parenting characteristics we need to keep and which ones we need to retire before passing them down to our own children. [Read more...]

10 Fun Ways to Teach Kids About Money

10 Fun Ways to Teach Kids About Money

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(Written by Tara Blair edited by Elle Yi)  Teaching about money for kids is one of the most valuable life lessons they will ever receive. Instilling good spending and saving habits within your children, from a young age, is paving the road for a successful financial future. For some great ideas on how to teach your kids about money, check out our guide below.

  • Embrace Technology

Most children are better at using smart phones than their parents, so why not embrace technology and find some fun apps for teaching your children about money? With the app store home to millions of different apps, you’re sure to find one that’s both educational and that your children will enjoy. You could also have them sit with you as you use your personal finance software on your computer. [Read more...]

Diffusing My Daughter With Calm Conversation

Diffusing My Daughter With Calm Conversation(Written by Elizabeth Reed) As a parent, there are often times when your children may become so frustrated that it seems he or she is unable to maintain any form of rational thought. At least, it’s that way for me. My eight-year old daughter has a bit of an anger management issue that we are currently working on. She is able to become frustrated with some of the most menial tasks to the point where she has a complete mental melt down. However, her temperamental stages are showing signs of declining.

To diffuse the situation, I try to intervene as soon as I can detect the problem arising. Her voice patterns quickly change, the speed of how she talks increases and the inevitable whining soon follows. Instead of getting frustrated myself and allowing my own anger to surface, I take a deep breath and sit her down to have a conversation. Afterwards, she is a completely different person and is back to her happy and laughing self. How do I diffuse my daughter during this conversation that changes her frame of mind almost immediately? [Read more...]

Go! Play Outside!- Learning Through Play

Go! Play Outside!  Learning Through Play(Written by Claire Bronson) A few years ago, you’d see so many children playing outdoors. They’d have the time of their lives rolling in snow or jumping in a pile of autumn leaves. They’d pick up rocks and examine them. They’d look for caterpillars, chase butterflies, and catch grasshoppers. These were the days when kids were kids, and they played in nature’s rough yet interesting and grand bosom.

Nowadays, it’s seldom that you’ll see children running after frogs or investigating riverbanks. Instead, they are cooped up in their rooms playing World of Warcraft or some other video game. Even toddlers today are very adept at tapping and sliding their chubby and nibble fingers on tablets and smartphones with touch-sensitive screens. There’s nothing wrong with being a tech savvy kid, but parents should also encourage their kids to play or do activities outdoors as these help in their overall development.

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Developing Social Skills for Children

Developing Social Skills for Children(Written by David Zielinski) I can’t really say that being shy is bad. I mean, there are just some people who are ‘listeners’ by nature. They don’t talk a lot but they sure know how to listen and understand other people. However, these kids who are shy have the tendency to not maximize their potential. They have a hard time talking to other people. Let alone, do something on stage.

Raising A Sociable Kid – Easy Tips For Parents

As parents, we want to maximize what our kids have. Being sociable can do a lot for them. They can make new friends and it can boost their confidence. Confidence is needed if they want to succeed in the future, right? So what can we do to make your shy kids friendlier? [Read more...]

Winter is Coming: Ways to Engage Your Children Indoors

Winter is Coming: Ways to Engage Your Children Indoors

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(Written by Nancy Parker) Winter is almost upon us and that means more time spent indoors with the kids. Sometimes we all get a little stir crazy when the weather gets harsh but there are ways to keep the kids happy and to keep our sanity. It does not have to take a lot of effort or expense to make children happy and so many times you can have fun with things you already have around the house.

As I look back over the years I recall times when I went to great efforts and expense to entertain my kids and then my mom would come along to babysit carrying with her the simplest items, things she already had on hand, and make the children’s day. On one particular occasion she brought her sewing kit out to do some mending and started the kids off with a blunt needle and a scrap piece of material and showed them how to sew.

Who would figure that it would keep them entertained for hours? It was not just learning how to sew that amazed them so much but investigating grandma’s sewing kit was like finding hidden treasure. She had dozens of old buttons of various colors and sizes which they loved looking at and then she offered them some string to make necklaces or showed them how to sew a button on their material. My son was enamored with the thimbles he found in the basket! He had one on each finger before he was done which then inspired the making of finger puppets out of their little scraps of left over material. With the fabric markers and a couple stitches they had a mini puppet show. [Read more...]

5 Fun Ways To Record Family Memories

5 Fun Ways To Record Family Memories(Written by Becky Olivier) When was the last time you had your family all dress up and sit down for a nice family picture? Was it worth it? Between the squirming children, the forced smiles, and the price of a photographer, chances are it might not have been the best experience. But don’t give up! There are any number of great ways to preserve your family memories, that are also fun and entertaining. Here are a few suggestions on how you can keep track of the best years of your life, while still being able to enjoy them.

1. Make an audio recording [Read more...]

Spicing Up Math For The Reluctant Kids

Spicing Up Math For The Reluctant Kids(Written by Noelle Eberts) Math has a reputation for being the subject that only a few people are good at and even fewer really enjoy. As a parent, teacher, or tutor, it’s difficult to motivate learning especially when the subject is one most people struggle with. Here are a few tips to make math fun for students and those helping them learn it.

  • Games

Nothing motivates learning like competition. Whether it’s in a classroom or just one student working alone, being faced with a challenge can really inspire students to work. In math, this can be as simple as having the student or students compete in timed drills on basic math facts. Students can also be divided into teams and given questions that are worth points. Flash cards and the free website are a useful tool as well and can double as practice exercises if you have the student make the cards themselves. [Read more...]