Parents’ Favorites: 5 Best Family Cars For 2013

tips for new parents: best family cars in 2013(Written by Vito SanchezFinding the right car for your family isn’t easy. You need to make sure that it’s a car that your kids will love but at the same time be safe enough for them. You want it to be spacious enough for those large grocery trips and family outings, but you don’t want it to be too big that it becomes difficult to maneuver through the city.

All that, plus finding one that’s fuel efficient and easy on the wallet really makes this a difficult task. Luckily for you, we did most of that work for you and compiled a list of five best family cars for 2013!

All of these cars are family friendly in their safety options, cargo space and roomy interiors.  They deliver smooth rides that parents and children alike will enjoy.  Some are more luxurious while others provide a little more space for larger families, but they are all worth a closer look for families in the market for a new car.

  • Ford Focus

At the top of the list, the Focus delivers on all counts.  Even with two kids comfortably buckled into the back, there’s still plenty of cargo space for making long trips or going to soccer games.  Its fuel economy is an impressive 28/38, and the car delivers a fine ride.  Side curtain airbags protect the entire family while traction and stability control help keep the car safely on the road.

  • Cadillac XTS

Kids and parents both enjoy the finer things in life, and this Cadillac delivers.  This full-size luxury sedan offers respectable gas mileage of 17/28 along with leather seats, a fine Bose stereo system and adaptive suspension for a smooth ride.  Optional power sun shades in the back make the ride more comfortable for the kids, and parents will appreciate the front obstacle detection, rearview camera, blind-spot alert and other safety features.

  •  Honda Accord

 The Accord has been a family favorite for years, and the 2013 model is designed to please loyal and new customers alike.  The Accord features an incredible array of safety equipment including forward collision warning, blind spot monitoring and land departure warnings.  An improved transmission and direct injection technology boost gas mileage to 27/36 so families can save money at the pump.  A roomy back seat is large enough for two children or even adults to ride comfortably for long distances.

  •  Volvo S60

Quality and exceptional safety are featured in this Volvo. With an all-wheel drive and powerful engine options, the Volvo offers acceptable gas mileage of 21/30.  Parents can appreciate the smooth acceleration and powerful feel of the car.  Handling like the powerful vehicles they truly are, they also have the safety features that Volvos are well known for.  Ample cargo space makes this car a great choice for traveling or picking up groceries, and two children will comfortably fit on the rear seat.

  • Ford Explorer

Larger families need a little more space, and the Explorer delivers with an optional third row.  It can tow up to 5,000 pounds so owners can still tow the boat or trailer, and the third row makes it ideal for larger families.  It delivers the functional aspects of a minivan with the sleek styling of a crossover.  Seats are easily reconfigured so owners can haul a few extra kids from the little league team or bring home new furniture for growing children.

The standard option delivers an impressive 17/25 mpg, and drivers appreciate the smooth ride and powerful acceleration.  Optional inflatable rear seatbelts keep the little ones safe while curve control helps drivers keep the car on the road.  Kids appreciate the rear privacy glass, and everyone will enjoy the entertainment system with DVD player.  The dual skylights can also help keep the children entertained on long car rides.

This article was written by Vito Sanchez, an avid writer of automobile articles on the web, on behalf of Kanetix. As a parent, his kids safety is always his number one concern.

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