What Students Do When They Are Suppose Be Studying

(Written by Madeline) To study, the process of preparing for a test or practicum. Technically studying involves reading, reviewing note, reviewing lectures and generally rehearsing for an exam. However, as student or parent of a student knows. The studying process also includes a number of “extracurricular” activities that are necessary to prepare one spiritually for the exam process.  Discover six steps kids actually do when they are suppose to be studying for tests.

studying for tests

Step 1 – Preparation Time

Before the studying process can actually begin it is necessary for the student to clear their mind of clutter. After all there is a finite amount of memory available in one’s mind. The decluttering process begins with the disposal of all previous module information. If it is not on the test then it does not need to remain in your brain.

Step 2 – Distractions

The next step is to deal with any distractions that may impede the studying process. This means that students will need to watch the latest episode of their favorite teen drama, they will need to read the latest Tweets and Facebook messages and they will need to call friends to talk about any unfinished business from the school day.

Step 3 – Fuel Up!

With all of these distractions taken care of the next step is to fuel up for the studying experience. A quick snack or meal at the mall will ensure that there are enough calories available to sustain the student through an all night study session. Usually this meal will include sodas, cheese fries and a variety of other delicacies that can only be obtained from mall food vendors.

Step 4 – Nap Time

Once the student is back at home they are likely to feel exhausted by all of their pre-studying activities, so a nap is in order. They need to set their cell phone alarms so that they only sleep for an hour or two. As they slumber, the student energizes for the upcoming study session.

Step 5 – Texting Time!

When the alarm goes off, the student wakes from the nap refreshed and ready to get down to studying. However, there is still one last thing to do, notify everyone that the student is about to study. This requires the distribution of multiple text messages, phones calls and instant messages. Once all of these messages are disseminated it is time to get down to business.

Step 6 – Time to Sleep

It is now time to study. The student gets out his textbooks, notebooks, pens, pencils, markers, laptop, multimedia discs and logs onto the Internet for additional resources. As the student surveys his study environment he realizes that it is now 1:00 a.m. and far too late to study now. He’ll just do it in the morning before the test.

About the author: This is a humorous (yet so true) article posted by Madeline Binder on what kids do when they say they are going to study. Madeline Binder is a former diagnostic and readying teacher as well as a psychotherapist. She love showing kids how they can open the door to their greatness.

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