Best Education iPad Apps for Global Learning

best education iPad apps(Written by Elle Yi) There are currently an estimated 1.5 million iPads in U.S classroom with digital textbooks. More than 30 million applications (apps) are downloaded to mobile device everyday. Of course, the number of best education apps will be increasing.

There are apps to help managing time, converting measurements and leading a healthier lifestyle. A decent percentage of Apps are educational for kids and parents. Parents need to understand that learning objectives come first before selecting the best education iPad apps and communicate clear guidelines to help kids meet prospectives.

ParentingInformer has researched which Apps can help build global competence. The best educational iPad apps can help kids develop knowledge and skills prior to class and help them contribute more substantively for discussions and project works. [Read more…]

Developing Math Skills With Free Math Games For Preschoolers

Free Educational Apps : Free Math Games For Kids(Written by Kristen Thomas and Edited by Elle Yi) Foundational skills are essential in all school subject areas. For preschool children what math skills look like is vastly different from grade level mathematics. Learning at this stage is developing a language, sense of quantity, patterns, and number sense.

  • Language

Most parents have no issue in naming days of the week, body parts, numbers, and items around the home. An additional layer is needed to develop math language in toddlers. Unless a parent has a job or speaks of common basic math terms directly, a toddler rarely hears math language until they enter a classroom.

A common way to start is when cooking or building a parent can show and name the measurement tools they use. Unless an adult gives it meaning a teaspoon, a cup, or a measuring tape simply look like wonderful toys to examine. A few moments conversation when encountering numbers would make a world of difference. We are surrounded by numbers. Numbers are in our vehicles, on street signs, money, and advertisements. Make it a habit to point out abbreviations, symbols, and meaning of that number in that situation. [Read more…]

The 7 Best Android Apps For Learning Toddlers

(Written by Judene Macariola) Kids learn the most from the time they are born until they reach five years old. The toddler years are most critical because they bridge the gap between infancy and childhood. At which stage, a child’s brain is twice as active as the brain of a college student.

From birth until 5 years of age, learning with the eyes and ears are heightened. Since toddlers are capable of manipulating objects, there’s no better time to introduce them to gadgets! Smartphones and tablets provide visual and auditory stimulation and with the help of educational apps that parents can encourage learning in toddlers. On that note, here’s a list of the ten best Android apps for your little ones.

Kids ABC Letters
by Intellijoy

apps for learning
The app is a great way for kids to learn all letters of the alphabet. The simplest activity available is “Naming Letters” which individually displays the alphabet in both upper and lower case. Shown alphabets are accompanied by a voice that teaches small and big letters to a child. If your little one decides to tap on them, letter names are repeated. When your child grows older, the app can still be used to form and recognize letters, as well as identify them in words.

A free version of this app is available at Google Play. You can use it to check out the app’s content before deciding to purchase. Kids ABC Letters Lite stops at the letter “H” though so it’s not intended for continued learning.
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Best Educational Apps for Potty Training

best potty training app - Educational Apps for kids(Written by Elle Yi) Battling with your child about potty training will never help under any circumstances. Potty training is a milestone marking a little one growing up, discovering self-care abilities and independence.

Potty training is certainly an essential part of every child’s growth. Understand how reasonable expectations about potty training may help reduce the anxiety and stress of a reluctant potty trainee. Working with positive encouragement is the best potty training resource while training a stubborn toddler. Parents can just reward toddler for successfully using the potty. [Read more…]

Educational Apps for Kids: Literacy and Creativity

Educational App for iPadParents and teachers throughout the country and all over the world have been using applications (Apps) in actual education and learning circumstances, and the developers are actually capable to increase applications from that.

Currently, apps for Kids are striking a niche market. It’s difficult for parents and teachers to discover the proper apps for children. The entire process of finding education apps is often overwhelming since there are a wide selection of apps targeting kids. [Read more…]

Best Educational Apps for Preschoolers

Currently, there are an endless variety of entertaining and best educational apps that children can enjoy. Some iPad apps for kids are typically used for entertainment, while others are applied for educational purposes. A crucial aspect in determining the right iPad apps for kids is an educational one.

Best educational apps for children should be created to enhance memory and improve standard learning capabilities required to achieve in education. It truly is our aim to offer our children with enticing and helpful apps that can boost their development throughout life.

The best educational apps for kids will offer family with an interactive and fun learning process. Parents can be introduced to some of the best eudcational apps for kids on the recent market.
For this week, entertaining apps for education are selected with some terrific deals for parents.

  Top Free Apps for Education
  Top Paid Apps for Education

As known, best educational apps for kids can help and benefit kids’ learning experience. It can do amazing things. The growing market of iOS educational apps has a significant influence for parents.

The Best Educational Apps for parents are the following. [Read more…]

Turning Up With iPad Apps For Kids

(Written by Elle Yi) Apps for Kids

Apps For Kids with iPhone and iPad are hitting a niche market and educational apps for kids become parents’ survivor.

Apple Inc. has completely revolutionized the way kids learn. Statistics demonstrates that the most beneficial educational apps for kids have excellent reviews.

If mom and dad can utilize the apps in an appropriate approach, iPad apps for kids and iPad children books can promise the greatest results. Finding the right iPad apps for kids, especially older children can be challenging. [Read more…]