Tips For New Parents To Find The Perfect Child’s Name

tips for new parents (Written by Jessica Brown) One of the single most important decisions you’ll make for your child before they’re even born is their name. Whatever name we’re given at birth is the one we’re stuck with – at least until we’re old enough to legally change it (although most keep it anyway). While a name shouldn’t define your child, it can have a significant influence in their life, especially as a child.

Before you choose a name for your new baby, there are several things you should think about. With some careful, thorough consideration, you’ll ensure that you choose the perfect name for your child – a name that everyone can live with forever.

  • Nicknames

When you think of a name you love for your child, you also have to think about any nicknames that might be associated with it. People love to use nicknames, especially for babies, and they’ll often do so, using anything from popular nicknames to made-up ones. If you hate any of the popular nicknames that go with the name you like, then choose another. The nickname will inevitably be used. Unless you want to constantly correct people, don’t use it. [Read more…]

Top 5 Baby Names From The World of Sport

(Written by Rhian Brighton) Much like the world of pop, the world of sport and in particular football has given birth to some rather peculiar names. Whether this has something to do with the continuation of celebrity status, creating a young star out of the unforgettable named baby, or purely to give their children a name so different that it could almost be copywrited, here we have a shortlist of some of the best names from the world of sport. All of these names are of course a matter or personal preference, some may absolutely love the names that their favourite sport star has called their child, others may wonder what they were thinking but in the end it all leads up to what we consider the top five baby names from the world of sport.

[Read more…]