Single Mums Can Have It All – How To Juggle Career, Children And A Life!

single parent family(Written by Wendy Derbyshire) Most people don’t plan to become a single mum – it’s stressful, it’s exhausting and there’s no other half to turn to when you just can’t face putting the kids back to bed one more time! But so long as you have a reliable network of family and friends, there’s no reason why you can’t get back into work this year and have it all – a fulfilling career, buzzing social life and happy children!

  • Flexible Working

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Juggling Motherhood And A Career: How to Balance Work and Family

balance work and family(Written by Fran S.) “I don’t know how you do it!” If you’re a working mum, you’ll almost certainly have been on the receiving end of similar comments. Yes, juggling motherhood with a career is no Sunday saunter through the park, but today there are more UK mums in work than those choosing to stay at home. Unfortunately, our floundering economy, stagnating wages and increasing living costs are making life increasingly difficult for those returning to work. If you are itching to return to work then here are some top tips from mums across the web to help make life easier, both practically and emotionally. The tips cover 4 main factors every working mother should think about to balance work and family. [Read more…]

How To Balance A Social Life while Raising Your Kids

balance in life(Written by Mike Neil and Edited by Elle Yi) To be conscious about your children’s healthy nurturing and cherishing is one thing that must be applauded. However being obsessed with your children’s security, habits and health is something else.

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