How Parents Can Learn Where To Draw The Line

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(Written by Elle Yi and Pete Newman) With the technologies of the current times partnered with the advanced telecommunication systems, adding extra blanket of protection on kids through phone tracking scheme is now made possible. For detailed information on the various providers of this service, there are quite a good number of unbiased reviews of many family locators on the internet that any parents may opt to read.

Without a doubt, respecting the privacy of your kids constitutes an important part in their development and plays a major role in building a healthy child-parent relationship based on trust. However, things today are not as it used to be and dangers lurk at every corner, especially in an age when internet reigns supreme.

Parenting Tips For Teenagers: Respecting Your Child’s Privacy

Moreover, as kids grow older, it becomes harder to keep them safe especially if the relationship between the child and his parents has slowly eroded in time. But would a parent’s nurturing impulse justify meddling in all areas of his children’s lives? Hopefully, we will manage to clarify this aspect by the end of this article. [Read more…]

What Determines A Child’s Personality

child's personality(Written by Heather Nosworth) Every child is born with certain traits that will help to determine his or her personality down the road. Some kids are negative, some are pleasant and flexible, and some are tough to figure out.

Understanding exactly what your child’s personality type is can help keep your life from becoming battle after battle with your child.

  • Personality Types: A Quick Guide

There are almost as many personality types floating around as there are theoretical psychologists. In the early days of personality research, Hippocrates suggested there were four basic personalities: Choleric, Sanguine, Melancholy, and Phlegmatic.

Later, the idea of Type A and Type B personalities were developed. The idea here is that achievement-oriented individuals are typically Type A personalities while the creative types fall into the Type B category.

While much work has been done to help flesh out the differences in personality types, including the Myers-Briggs research that helps to define sixteen different personality types, the reality is that your child will probably fall into one of four different categories. One of these lists probably defines your child quite well: [Read more…]

The Importance Of Play In Children’s Development

outdoor kids activitiesThere are few things in life more enchanting than watching a small child chat away to an imaginary friend, race their pedal cars around the garden or create their own magical world out of Lego.

But whilst watching children of all ages enjoy themselves is every parent’s delight, play actually serves a very important purpose in their development. And depriving children of the ability to relax and play can be a barrier to them reaching their full potential.

  • It isn’t just humans

Play is not just crucial for humans, it also plays a vital role in the animal kingdom too. Whilst you are unlikely to see a lion focussed on a Lego tower any time soon, their cubs nevertheless have their own way of playing. [Read more…]