Tips For New Parents To Create A Kid-Friendly Home

Kids friendly playroom(Posted by a Guest Blogger, Rodney Warner) Creating a safe, kid-friendly home is a challenge to say the least. The typical, childless person leaves their valuables on display in all of their glory wherever they would like. Delicate fabrics and matte paints are immaculately ensconced with antique furniture and flowing draperies. Function is thrown haphazardly out of the window as form reigns supreme. A person with children, on the other hand, knows better than to even leave their car keys in view. Face it; items that can be seen are also in the sites of every child within climbing age.

  • Give the Kids a Place to Play

One commonsense tactic of keeping an attractive home with children is to give them their own spaces within each room. No one wants to be constantly relegated only to the playroom or a bedroom; plus, most parents occasionally want to see their kids. So, make it okay for children to be in the living room by giving them a small table to color or craft on. Let that tall bookshelf hold gorgeous hardbacks on the top as it houses nifty wooden puzzles and kiddie books lower down. Allow musical pots and pans in the kitchen so that scribblers are not tempted to color on the cabinet doors. [Read more…]

Tips To Enforce Child Safety In Your Kitchen

(Written by Grace Beckett) Children, especially toddlers, are a universally curious species. Everything that they see, they regard with overwhelming curiosity and spare no effort in ‘investigating’ the true nature of the object that might have excited the curiosity within them. It is a different matter altogether that their method of ‘investigating’ constitutes of them putting these objects of curiosity in their mouths or simply rattling or fiddling them.

You can only imagine then, what sort of magical wonderment they regard your kitchen with- full of shining objects that whirr, whistle, make noises, vials of coloured and mysterious liquids and mysterious treasures of edible delight tucked away in enigmatic larders and hampers beyond the reach of their tiny hands. [Read more…]

How to Ensure Child Safety around Indoor Heaters

(Written by Allan Williams) Whether indoor heaters run on gas or electricity, if not carefully handled, they can prove to be life-threatening. If you have small children in your house, it becomes all the more necessary to protect them from such appliances.
child safety
Children are usually very curious by nature. They like exploring new items around the house and feeling everything that is within their reach. During the extreme winter, having indoor heaters is a must. Indoor heaters are usually large in size and get very hot on the surface when they are switched on. That is why it is essential to guard children from going near these appliances. Below are a few tips to help safeguard your child against any harm. [Read more…]