How To Tell If Your Child Needs Glasses

What Signs Show Me My Child Has Poor Eyesight? Young children should have regular check-ups as infants and the earliest of these will detect child vision problems.

What School Can Show

However, sometimes children have no difficulty early on with these tests and only present with problems when they have started school.

A classic example is the child who falls behind in lessons because quite simply they are unable to read the board at the front of the classroom on which the teacher is writing. Or they may find it difficult to focus and concentrate on a text book.

The same applies in sport. A child may decide that he or she is not sporty, because they find co-ordination difficult (simply because they cannot see a ball properly).

Because this deterioration in vision may be fairly gradual, a child comes to take it for granted and does not realize he or she has a problem. [Read more…]