Why Your Child Should Remain Active To Reduce Obesity

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Reference: http://en.wikipedia.org

(Written by Wendy Derbyshire and Edited by Elle Yi) The current statistics on obesity prove that childhood weight gain and obesity is on the increase. According to the most recent statistics showing in 2008, the rate of obesity among children and adolescents in the United States has nearly tripled between the early 1980s and 2006. This is due to unhealthy eating habits in your child, including irregular exercise, the regular consumption of sweet treats between, and a diet high in saturated fat. Some children can be fussy with their diet while other children will overeat and consume far too many calories.

Parents have a responsibility to encourage their child to eat healthily, but activity can go a long way to reducing weight gain in children. Think about taking your child regularly to a park with climbing equipment and a large field to encourage social activity with other children.

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Scared Your Child Might Get Obese?

(Written by Grace Beckett) Obesity is one of the major problems that affects both children and adults. Childhood obesity is very common now and the percentage of obese children has doubled in the last ten years. Obesity can lead to several health problems and it is crucial for parents to safeguard their children from it. Here are a few steps you can follow to prevent obesity in children.

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Stop! Childhood Obesity

Childhood Obesity is a bimonthly journal for all issues with communication on the issues and strategies involving weight management and obesity prevention in kids and adolescents.  The journal indicates that childhood obesity factsare actually present with around the world regardless whether in developed or under developed countries. It is significantly growing and a complex issue with  tough solutions.

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Currently, more children on a daily basis are put vulnerable to some serious long-term health consequences.  Weight  problems in children is closely correlated with adult obesity.  Children between 2 and 5 years old that are over weight are four times as likely to be over weight adults.  It has become a disturbing national epidemic and has grown considerably in the past two decades.  It has been put front and center by Michelle Obama.
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