Ways To Support A Sibling In a Special Needs Family

Ways To Support A Sibling In a Special Needs Family(Written by Hilary Smith) Ah. Siblings. They are often our first playmates and first rivals. Growing up together, we develop a lifelong camaraderie. While we might not always get along or “occasionally” fight, our similar experiences and understandings can forge bonds uniting brothers and sisters through thick and thin. This sibling thing can be beautiful, but there are inevitably ups and downs encountered along the way.

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How To Best Support Siblings Of Special Needs Kids

(Written by Orla Kelly) In this article I am going to address how you as a parent can best support siblings of special needs kids. Very often all the attention is on a special needs child leaving siblings intentionally or unintentionally feeling left out as they are given considerably less attention and parental time than the special needs child.

This can give rise to family disharmony and cause emotional upset to sibling children, so it is vital that parents do not underestimate the needs of sibling children and work through any problems as a unified family.

In this article I will discuss

  1. What it is like to have a special needs sister or brother
  2. What parents can do to build a stronger relationship with the sibling child
  3. How to help siblings understand the needs of their special needs sister or brother

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