A Behavior Chart With Behavior Modification Techniques

(Written by Stephanie) Most parents, at some point in time, have had an out of control kid. For some it is an isolated incident here and there that can be dealt with fairly easily and it doesn’t become a persistent problem. For others, it seems like the “out of control kid” is the only kid they know. Parents dealing with such children/teens often feel powerless and frustrated. It may feel like every conversation or situation ends in an argument.

behavior modification chart

Behavior Modification on Pinterest

My kids are pre-teenage, a boy and a girl, and I found myself repeatedly asking them over and over and over to pick up their clothes, get their homework done, do their chores, the list goes on and on.

I found myself getting very frustrated and often angry and yelling because I felt like my kids never listened until they knew I was mad. I knew this was not a healthy environment nor was it teaching my kids the responsibility, structure, and discipline that I was trying to teach them. I knew something had to change. [Read more…]