Kid’s Room Ideas With The Elements of Education

Kid's Room Ideas with The Elements of Education

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(Written by Amanda Brooks in UK) As a parent, there’s no doubt that you rate your child’s education pretty high up there in terms of importance. So when it comes to redecorating his or her room – why not bear this in mind?

Incorporating education into your child’s room will inject some fun into learning – playrooms are a place of sanctuary, fun and familiarity, so it won’t be long before times tables are associated with fun – or at least, that’s the theory!

Talking of times tables – there are many ways you can use decoration to your advantage. Whether it’s in the form of a poster or magnets on the radiator – maths can be effectively implemented. If you have an artistic friend, a nice framed picture of times tables will add an original flair to the room.

When it comes to geography, this is just as easy to introduce to your child’s room. You could invest in a spinning globe or a colourful wall atlas. Depending on how adventurous you’re feeling, you could even buy some colourful paints, hone in on your imagination and dedicate one wall to drawing your own map of the world.

Along with maths and geography – books are imperative to learning, development and language. Ensure that your child has a brimming bookshelf full of colourful, stimulating books that look too intriguing to resist. If you’re investing in new furniture, the more colourful the children’s furniture the better, especially if your child is of the age of learning colours. [Read more…]