How to Approach and Tackle Cyberbullying

digital citizenship(Written by Hilary Smith and Elle Yi) Do you have a favorite sport? Like many of us, football, baseball, swimming, soccer, basketball, and cricket are popular athletic activities that come to mind. Many youth and adults enjoy a good match and religiously follow their favorite teams. These sports are often used to teach teamwork and ways to overcome adversity with many valuable life lessons taught on and off the turf.

Unfortunately, many children are being thrown into a game they didn’t sign up to join. No–they didn’t even purchase tickets to attend. It is believed that 52% of children find themselves placed into in a frightening match where their opponent is a cyberbully.

The cyber world presents many challenges, not only when children are faced with difficult choices, but also when parents find themselves facing issues with which they may have little experience.

Is there any difference between citizenship and digital citizenship?

The Cyberbullying Epidemic
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How To Protect Your Kids Online

How To Protect Your Kids Online(Written by Jonas Harris) In this rapidly evolving world, there’s no stopping your kids from being exposed to the World Wide Web. But while everyone could benefit from the abundance of information that is being offered by the internet, we are also bombarded by all sorts of negativity at all fronts in the cyberspace.

Today, digital devices are a way of life.  Our kids are exposed to all kinds of digital solutions from the day they are born.  In an effort to help them navigate these complex areas, here are two activities that you, as a parent, can do with your children at home to reinforce making good choices online. Check out the link: Parent Activity.

Not only is there a huge number of pornographic sites that could be accessed in a click of a mouse, but cyber bullying and online predators masquerading as harmless adolescents are also very real threats. So how can you protect your children from these harms? [Read more…]

Facts About Cyberbullying Your Family Needs To Know

Digital parenting with Google alert : Parenting tips for teenagersNow that we as a society are completely full-speed into the internet and mobile technology era, the days of raising children in a sheltered, calm-paced, technology-free environment are long foregone dreams.

And as much as we want to protect our kids and keep them from indulging in smartphones and technology, the fact is that our young generation needs to know how to use these technologies to keep up with their peers and to be competitive working adults someday in the future.

parenting quotesSo the best way to prepare young adults, and all adults really, for the dangers of cyberspace is to be informed. Among the biggest concerns to be informed about when it comes to technology is cyberbulling. Cyberbullying has been among the top cyber-related concerns that have plagued schools and communities for the past few years, because it can easily start from mild chatroom and text message harassment, but then quickly escalate to angry and threatening online and eventually offline contact between a bully and a victim.

Learn more about the most recent and important facts of Cyberbulling and  parenting tips for teenagers in this infographic. Hopefully, parents will be able to mitigate a dangerous cyberbullying incident before it develops.

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How Parents Can Learn Where To Draw The Line

parenting tips for teenagers


(Written by Elle Yi and Pete Newman) With the technologies of the current times partnered with the advanced telecommunication systems, adding extra blanket of protection on kids through phone tracking scheme is now made possible. For detailed information on the various providers of this service, there are quite a good number of unbiased reviews of many family locators on the internet that any parents may opt to read.

Without a doubt, respecting the privacy of your kids constitutes an important part in their development and plays a major role in building a healthy child-parent relationship based on trust. However, things today are not as it used to be and dangers lurk at every corner, especially in an age when internet reigns supreme.

Parenting Tips For Teenagers: Respecting Your Child’s Privacy

Moreover, as kids grow older, it becomes harder to keep them safe especially if the relationship between the child and his parents has slowly eroded in time. But would a parent’s nurturing impulse justify meddling in all areas of his children’s lives? Hopefully, we will manage to clarify this aspect by the end of this article. [Read more…]

Digital Parenting: Spy On Your Kids Online?

Digital parenting with Google alert : Parenting tips for teenagers(Written by Elle Yi) One of the potential concerns parents have with their kids online is the complete lack of supervision when it comes to material posted about them. Currently, one fantastic tool for digital parenting methods is the “Google Alert.”

The Google  Alert that is free was originally created for consumers to monitor the website for new content on a specific topic. It allows you to have Google automatically search the websites for items of interests and then email the search results to you. It has been particularly useful for tracking information and resources related with certain interests.

In the case of digital parenting, parents can create an automatic search engine that will notify them when any type of media is tagged with their child’s name.  During the age of digital parenting, this kind of tool seems a must have.   [Read more…]

Parents Purchase Kids’ Silence With iPhone & iPad

parenting tips for toddlers(Written by Elle Yi) Parents with kids are often experienced with a challenging choice when it comes to the iPod touch and iPad. Kids really like Apple’s cellular devices! They are shiny, vibrant, cool and simple to use.

They can be used as a product to help kids learn their colors, patterns and characters.  Moreover, a latest study by Common Feeling Advertising indicates 20% of parent or guardian use a mobile phone to keep their kids interested so they can get some chores done.

Once you get over the fact you are passing a $ 300 – 600 product to a kid, the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch can be a useful nurturing product.These days, the cellular devices, though, have a potentially darker area. [Read more…]