Ways To Support A Sibling In a Special Needs Family

Ways To Support A Sibling In a Special Needs Family(Written by Hilary Smith) Ah. Siblings. They are often our first playmates and first rivals. Growing up together, we develop a lifelong camaraderie. While we might not always get along or “occasionally” fight, our similar experiences and understandings can forge bonds uniting brothers and sisters through thick and thin. This sibling thing can be beautiful, but there are inevitably ups and downs encountered along the way.

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Simply Prepare Your Home for Thanksgiving Food & Guests

Games-and-Activities(Written by Margaret Thasson) Thanksgiving is right around the corner, sending moms in a frenzy prepping for family to come. The meal alone is plenty to stress about, let alone the guests that may stay the week of the holiday. If you have people coming over for turkey day this year, the tips below should help you prepare for their arrival.

Here are some simple ways to prepare your home for guests.

  • Preparing the Food

You can cook some portions of your Thanksgiving food ahead of time and then just reheat them on the big day. In fact, you could actually make everything but the bread in advance if you wanted to. Some Golden Corral locations offer a Thanksgiving dinner package, where they make the turkey, several sides, and two pies for $70, and then you just need to pick it up the day before Thanksgiving.

You could either do that or make everything on your own. Then get the turkey heating early in the morning and fix everything else about an hour before you eat. If you time it our right, you won’t have to worry about getting the whole meal together all at once. [Read more…]

5 Fun Materials To Use When Decorating Kids’ Bathroom

decorating kids bathroom(Written by Jessica Freeman) Designing a kid’s bathroom can be both fun and personally rewarding to the parent or parents involved. The tiny humans are always looking for fun and the place where the fun happens is almost never important. Kids know how to have fun just about anywhere including the bathroom.

When designing a kid’s bathroom, using kid-friendly materials is a must. There are a multitude of fun and kid-friendly materials that a parent can use in designing a kid’s bathroom. It will be up to the individual parent to decide which materials will be best for their kid or kids.

Five fun materials to use when designing a kid’s bathroom are: sticks and stones, a mural on the wall with the kid’s favorite characters, a character themed shower curtain, touchless faucets, and a painted sink. These materials used in combination will have the kid always going into the bathroom, even if it’s just to play. This will actually make it easier for the parent to get the child to frequently brush their teeth after eating candy.

  • Sticks & Stones

The first fun material to use when designing a kid’s bathroom are sticks and stones because they provide a kid with something to play with that they’re accustomed to seeing. Kids play with sticks and stones on the playground at school and at the parks. Kids love to feel and touch just about everything. Sticks and stones can be added into the sink, tile around the bathroom, or the shower curtain could have a stick and stones design. [Read more…]

Preparing For The First Day At Nursery School

tips for new parents : nursery school(Written by Norma Brown) Some kids dread the first day of school. They cling to their parents and cry just so their parents won’t leave them. Some kids, on the other hand, can’t wait to let go of their parent’s hand and run inside the classroom to play with the other kids and the new toys. Don’t you just wish it was that easy? If you are preparing your child for nursery school, here are some tips to make the day special and pain-free.

  • Visit the school with your child

A few days before classes start, take your child to the school and give him a tour. Show him the playground, the classroom and the toys and books that he will be playing with once classes start. All children are naturally curious so your child is guaranteed to be too. When the first day of nursery comes, he will be excited and at ease instead of nervous and afraid of the unknown. [Read more…]

How Do Toys Help Emotional Development In Children?

positive parenting | emotional development in children(Written by Robert Reeve) Children love to play with their toys. Most adults still remember and have fond memories of what their favourite toy was when they were young. Some even get nostalgic and perhaps a touch emotional whenever they encounter their former favourite plaything years later.

While children have fun creating their own games and playing with their toys, they don’t realise how this quality time will serve them well as they move through life. Again, many adults don’t really understand this, which is why millions of kids around the world sit in front of a games console or the television, at the direction of their parents, instead of playing with a toy.

We looked at the importance of toys for social and emotional development in children, and the specific skills they help hone. [Read more…]

Helicopter Parents: An Overprotective Parenting Style

helicopter parents(Written by Mel Dawson) Some people will dislike the idea that they are over-parenting. However, some moms and dads are so protective of their kids as to deserve being called helicopter parents. Such overprotective parents try to manage every aspect of their children’s lives – from arguing with teachers about unfair treatment to demanding that their son goes to the same alma mater as they attended.

What are helicopter parents like? Basically, it boils down to hour-by-hour involvement in your child’s life. When you are not chatting, skyping, messaging, or talking over the phone with your kid, you are busy organizing their schedule – piano lessons, soccer games, graduation, and more.

Helicopter moms check their children’s grades, student emails, and account balances. Their write school assignments, go to the library for recommended reading, and even draft their kids’ emails. [Read more…]

What Determines A Child’s Personality

child's personality(Written by Heather Nosworth) Every child is born with certain traits that will help to determine his or her personality down the road. Some kids are negative, some are pleasant and flexible, and some are tough to figure out.

Understanding exactly what your child’s personality type is can help keep your life from becoming battle after battle with your child.

  • Personality Types: A Quick Guide

There are almost as many personality types floating around as there are theoretical psychologists. In the early days of personality research, Hippocrates suggested there were four basic personalities: Choleric, Sanguine, Melancholy, and Phlegmatic.

Later, the idea of Type A and Type B personalities were developed. The idea here is that achievement-oriented individuals are typically Type A personalities while the creative types fall into the Type B category.

While much work has been done to help flesh out the differences in personality types, including the Myers-Briggs research that helps to define sixteen different personality types, the reality is that your child will probably fall into one of four different categories. One of these lists probably defines your child quite well: [Read more…]

Family Portrait Ideas You Will Treasure

(Written by Ken McDonald) The family portrait represents one of the most important keepsakes for many Americans. Such portraits offer a snapshot in time, a milestone in the extended family history. Portraits have been taken since paint was first put on canvas, but most portraits today are created with a camera. Your next family portrait may need some fresh inspiration; the following ideas are sure to enlighten you with family portrait ideas.

  • Pinterest

Photo sharing is all the rage thanks to sites such as Flickr, Craftgawker, Designpiration, Project Decor and Image Spark. Perhaps the most significant site today is Pinterest, where photos are shared socially. Enter the term “family portrait” on he search bar and you will get an endless stream of ideas for your next familial shot. [Read more…]

Tips To Become An Ideal Step Parent In A Blend Family

parenting quotes for step parent : Step parenting quotes(Written by Valerie Trent) Becoming a step parent can be a challenge and things do not always turn out the way you expect it to. Some children can resist changes in their life and with their resistance, parents end up frustrated.

A new family structure will need time for everyone to adjust properly and with proper help, as well as support from other family members, things will work out successfully. When you and your partner made the decision to make a life together, your children or your partner’s children are the main concern.

Some children can easily accept the change, while others will be uncertain and have mixed feelings about the change. Since it may take some time for the children to adjust, you must take the first step forward today.

What You Must Discuss With Your Partner

Before you decide to move into your partner’s home or move into a new home altogether, there are a few things you and your partner will have to discuss. Both of you can work it out together or you can also consult with a professional who can help both of you and the children adjust to the changes in this new life together. [Read more…]

Back To School – Tips For Parents And Kids

back to school(Written by Liz Strawford) It’s that time of year again- the summer air is starting to cool, there is a crispness creeping into the mornings and soon the leaves will be beginning to change colour. If you have children, that can only mean one thing – back to school time!

After a busy summer, perhaps filled with holidays or plenty out days out to keep the kids entertained, it might be a relief for you that they will be back into a normal routine. However, the kids are likely to be less excited that their summer of fun is over. Here are some ways to make the transition slightly more enjoyable for everyone.

  • Thinking About Going Back

Kids: There are going to be lots of fun activities to keep you busy at school, which will also help you learn. Have fun until then by doing plenty of colouring, painting and baking with Mom and Dad. Don’t forget about playtime at school too – why not practice football, skipping rope games and hopscotch so that you can show off your skills to your friends? [Read more…]