Why Making Arts Together Is Great For Your Kids & You

Art with Kids(Written by Michael Turner and Elle Yi) The demands of modern life mean that it is often difficult for parents to find as much time for their children as they would like – whilst kids are spending more time than ever absorbed in such unhealthy distractions as video games, the internet, mobile phones and on-demand television.

For the busy parent who would like to spend more quality time with their child, whilst encouraging a healthier alternative to the dubious digital delights of the TV and Xbox, making art together could be the perfect solution.

You could enjoy a variety of relatively inexpensive activities together. From finger painting with younger children, experimenting with tempera paints and watercolours with older kids, sculpting with clay and play dough, to designing personalised t-shirts, the options are endless.

Not only will engaging in artistic activities together help you bond, it will also foster valuable life skills in your child – and educational experts agree that arts together is very important in a child’s development, for several different reasons: [Read more…]

Why Fine Motor Skills Are So Important For My Child

Tips for Parents | Fine Motor Skills(Written by Bruce Homely) We take for granted all of the small things we are able to do without thinking. However, imagine a world where you were not able to tie your shoelace, type on your computer or write important information on a notepad. You’ll be without a job since you can’t work on a computer or do small meticulous work. You wouldn’t be able to dress yourself for an interview or drive to work.

All of these skills are essential for a normal healthy life and parents should make it a priority to develop these skills in our children from an early age.

  • Fine Motor Skills:

Fine motor skills help you pick up a pencil, hold an object, tie a knot, button your shirt, write and more. Small muscles in your body are used for these precise movements and should be developed at an early stage in your life. That’s why you need to focus on developing your child’s fine motor skills. [Read more…]