Are You Absolutely Appcertain About Your Kids Online Safety?

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Reference from Dr. Randy Cale

(Written by Kate Simmons) For those of you who have been lucky enough to recently vacation in Europe, you may have seen a wonderful TV advertisement that gives parents food for thought. It’s a German advertisement that shows a mother opening the front door of her family home to see a group of punks holding armfuls of beer bottles, asking to see her (young) son. She politely directs them upstairs, and has only just closed the door when the doorbell rings again. She opens it, and this time it’s a group of scantily clad women, also asking for her son. She again directs them upstairs, closes the door; of course the doorbell rings again, and now some sort of robot bursts in with a machine gun, shoots up the room, demands to know where her son is, and then bounds up the stairs. The doorbell rings a final time, and now it’s a creepy old man who asks after her daughter. The woman calls her daughter, who is no more than eight years old; the old man introduces himself to her as her “internet friend” before giving the little girl a lollipop and leading her outside to his van with a sinister smile on his face. The mother smiles, closes the door, and a voiceover says: “Do you know who your children are talking to on the Internet?” It’s an unsettling yet clever way to illustrate that parents need to be vigilant when it comes to what their children are doing online, and who they’re communicating with.

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The Free Learning Apps for Kids with iPad

free learning apps for kidsIt is very easy to see for kids to play apps on their parents’ mobile devices. There are many apps focusing specifically for toddlers with entertaining attributes. The right choice of kids’ applications become even more complicated for parents to find out due to the a lot of violent programs that are targeting on children.

Depending on how to utilize the apps in accordance with appropriate parenting, it will certainly help kids learn their colors, patterns and characters.

An important aspect in determining the right iPad apps for the kids is an educational attribute. The fantastic educational apps for kids will simply offer an interactive and fun learning process. The list of free Apps by ParentingInformer is the great resource of educational apps to help parents who search great apps for kids. Parents can be introduced to free learning apps for kids on the recent market.

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How To Find The Best Learning Apps For Your Kids

best learning appsAs reported by Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference 2012, Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, mentioned the “revolutionary” app store first launched in July 2008 now has 400 million accounts, has over 650,000 apps – 250,000 particularly for the iPad. 30 billion apps have been downloaded.

Occasionally, Apple’s own search function can be frequently less-than-helpful. This makes getting top quality educational apps for kids quite a challenge. Many parents discover the App store to present learning apps for kids is cluttered and difficult to browse through.
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Top 25 Free Educational Apps for iPad

Free Educational Apps

(Written by Elle Yi and Updated on 03/05/2013) Some iPad apps for kids are typically used for entertainment, while others are applied for educational purposes. A crucial aspect in determining the right iPad apps for kids is an educational one.  

Parents will be introduced to some of the Best Free Educational Apps for kids on the recent market with the following list of Free Educational Apps for iPad. * Please note * Only the app’s developer can control when an app is free or not. All apps that ParentingInformer posts as Good Free Apps of the Day are verified to be free at the time of this post. ParentingInformer makes no guarantees otherwise.

  Top Free Apps for Education
  Top Paid Apps for Education
 New Paid Apps for Education

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