10 iPhone Apps That Promote Early Reading

(Written by Martina Keyhell ) Learning to read is a major milestone in a child’s life. Until the advent of tablets, smartphones and electronic reading devices, however, it was one that required books, flashcards and other learning aides. With the widespread popularity of Apple’s iPhone and the wide array of applications available in the App Store, today’s child can learn to read while using a parent’s phone, rather than books or physical flashcards. These 10 apps are among the best and brightest for helping little ones learn to read, and are all available in the vast marketplace that is the App Store.

  • Bob Books #1 – Reading Magic – This interactive, phonics-based game helps kids learn to read with the familiar characters of Bob Books and colorful animations. Using Bob Books’ app gives your child access to 12 scenes and 32 words, with four game levels of increasing difficulty kids can play as their abilities progress. Because this app is the first in a series, your kids can continue to learn with the Bob Books app family even after completing the lessons available here.
  • iLearn to Read– Developed by a teacher who’s also a parent, this app is a great choice for kids that are just learning the fundamentals of reading. Toddlers also enjoy simply pushing buttons and looking at the brightly-colored backgrounds, making iLearn to Read a great choice for kids that aren’t yet ready to read, but are on their way.

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Top 7 Interactive Apps to Teach Your Kids To Love Books

apps for kids(Posted by a Guest Blogger, Matthew Young) A few generations back, the only entertainment option that children had was to actually go out in the sun and play with other kids. This was definitely a good thing because they can enjoy the outdoors and be socially engaged in the community.

However, the kids these days have all the latest that technology has to offer so they would much rather stay indoors. As a parent, it’s definitely a challenge for you to help develop your child’s interest in something as basic as reading.

Fortunately, you can use products like PlayTales. If you have an iPad, another brand of tablet computer or a mobile phone with an Android software, you can download this application which allows kids to enjoy both reading and playing. Instead of having your three-year-old son addicted to tablet computer games, you can get him engaged in something like PlayTales.

When you download the app, there are three options which include:

  • Read to me
  • Read by myself
  • Autoplay

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