The Importance Of Play In Children’s Development

outdoor kids activitiesThere are few things in life more enchanting than watching a small child chat away to an imaginary friend, race their pedal cars around the garden or create their own magical world out of Lego.

But whilst watching children of all ages enjoy themselves is every parent’s delight, play actually serves a very important purpose in their development. And depriving children of the ability to relax and play can be a barrier to them reaching their full potential.

  • It isn’t just humans

Play is not just crucial for humans, it also plays a vital role in the animal kingdom too. Whilst you are unlikely to see a lion focussed on a Lego tower any time soon, their cubs nevertheless have their own way of playing. [Read more…]

Kids Playroom Ideas: Learn Through Play

Learn Through Play(Written by Heather Ilardi and Edited by Elle Yi) Through play in the classroom, children test facts and redefine human relationships. They also explore their creativity and imagination while guided by parents and teachers. In fact, children can learn through investigation, experimentation, taking initiative, making choices and interacting with other children and adults.

Parents need to realize that creativity is encouraged when kids focus not on the product, but on the process of creation. [Read more…]

Kids Playroom Ideas via HGTV

Kids Playroom ideas must be exciting and creative.  The playroom can be a space of enjoyment, cheerfulness and enjoyment for almost any youngster. Playroom decorating can be fun for both children and parents particularly when they decorate for the children in playful and fun colors.

The goal of designing playroom is to provide kids with a safe environment where they can learn to explore.

  • In My Own Little Corner

“A cozy reading and play nook is as easy as adding a kid-sized chair and colorful shelf in the corner of the bedroom. Designers Jaymes Richardson and Don Raney amp up their play corner with a shelf that doubles as a dollhouse”.

Kids Playroom Ideas-In My Own Little Corner

Kids Playroom Ideas-In My Own Little Corner

  • Instant Playroom

“Flexibility is key in this space. Open the sliding wall to create a continuous play space between a shared girls’ bedroom and the playroom or close it up for privacy. Bubble chairs add a functional yet whimsical element to the room”.  Design by Randy Weinstein.

Kids Playroom Ideas-Instant Playroom

Kids Playroom Ideas-Instant Playroom